How to Wear Skirts with Confidence

Every girl, sooner or later, is bound to want to wear skirts.  Unfortunately, the lot of us are all  faced with this one challenge of actually doing it. I know it’s a bit unnerving. Showing off your goods to random people and, sometimes, to  pervs aren’t exactly every young woman’s dream.

If you are self-conscious, like me back then, it’s time to man up and face your fears because people don’t  think of you as much as you think they do. Keep in mind that they’re  too busy being conscious about themselves than they are going to give a hoot about anyone else. I kid you not.

So how do you wear skirts confidently? Here are tips worth trying out:

1. Spice it up

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Spice it up a bit and wear them with tights or leggings. That way you can see how skirts feel like while not totally exposing your thighs. Do this for about maybe a few months or so or until you get comfortable enough not to wear leggings. Don’t worry if it’s going to take a while. Skirts with tights are adorable and you shouldn’t be the least bit conscious in them.

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How to Stay Sexy in the Winter

A coat is made to cover a person’s body from the cold, and in the process,  covers areas we don’t want to be cloaked, leaving us feeling, well, unattractive.

Or so we think.

Here are some style tips on how to look sexy even in the most modest coat you can find and more. Just because it’s the winter season that doesn’t mean we ladies can’t try and look our best. Don’t you agree?

Style Tip #1

Double-Breasted Faux-Wool Coat from Lookbook StoreDouble-Breasted Faux-Wool Coat

Double breasted wool coats will keep anyone warm in the snow, but styling it is a bit challenging. Don’t worry, though, because you have me.

Try wearing it with a scarf and avoid buttoning it up. Just  like what you see in the picture above. This will give a bit more edge to your coat. Make sure the colors match.  Then, top it off with a pair of leggings and some high heel boots. Now, doesn’t that sound like just the best outfit?

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