How to Stay Sexy in the Winter

A coat is made to cover a person’s body from the cold, and in the process,  covers areas we don’t want to be cloaked, leaving us feeling, well, unattractive.

Or so we think.

Here are some style tips on how to look sexy even in the most modest coat you can find and more. Just because it’s the winter season that doesn’t mean we ladies can’t try and look our best. Don’t you agree?

Style Tip #1

Double-Breasted Faux-Wool Coat from Lookbook StoreDouble-Breasted Faux-Wool Coat

Double breasted wool coats will keep anyone warm in the snow, but styling it is a bit challenging. Don’t worry, though, because you have me.

Try wearing it with a scarf and avoid buttoning it up. Just  like what you see in the picture above. This will give a bit more edge to your coat. Make sure the colors match.  Then, top it off with a pair of leggings and some high heel boots. Now, doesn’t that sound like just the best outfit?

Style Tip #2

Fuzzy Double-Breasted Coat from Lookbook StoreFuzzy Double-Breasted Coat (sold-out)
Browse more on outerwear collection

Fuzzy double breasted coats scream sexy just as good as wool ones . Maybe even better. When wearing such a piece, innerwear is just as vital to your attire as any accessory you throw in there. Also, throw in a pair of furry boots in there to complement the fuzziness of the coat.  A cute handbag can also work wonders with it.

Style Tip #3

Two-Colored Knitted Pullover from Lookbook StoreTwo-Colored Knitted Pullover (sold-out)
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I know knitted pullovers can be a little too bland, but if you pair them with just the right clothes, like the lovely Ms. Rachel Bilson here, then I’m sure you’re not going to think of them as just some boring piece of attire in your wardrobe ever again.

Remember, chunky clothing, like knitted sweaters, will always look good on some snugly fit clothes. There is a science to it.

And that’s about it! Let me know what you think and don’t forget that confidence is always the sexiest thing anyone can wear on them to look good.


32 thoughts on “How to Stay Sexy in the Winter

  1. Eks says:

    I would love to sport these styles on a cold season, only my country doesn’t have it. But it can get pretty cold on high parts though. Couldn’t wait to go there just to try these styles. X


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