Three Chic Ways to Wear Living Coral: The 2019 Color of the Year

Lookbook Store - Three Chic Ways to Wear Living Coral: The 2019 Color of the Year

Time to say goodbye to ultra violet, and say hello to living coral. Pantone has finally announced living coral as 2019’s color of the year. According to Pantone, this color was chosen in response to the increasing human need to feel connected with each other as people become more and more indulged in technology. This pretty and lively orange pink hue promotes being sociable, spirited, and optimistic. It also encourages playful and light-hearted activities.

As January comes, we expect a storm of coral-colored clothes. But just like any other trend, there is always a correct way to do it. Of course, we don’t start wearing coral all the way. So, read on and learn these three awesome ways to start wearing living coral next year.


Adding a pop of coral shade in your everyday outfits is certainly a good start. A chunky necklace, a pair of coral pumps, a handbag, or even just a swatch of coral lipstick would definitely an adorable way to start wearing the year’s most raved color. Imagine how fabulous your look can be a you brighten up an all-black jumpsuit with a coral coded handbag like this one from Hermes.

Garden Party 36 Bag by Hermes


Of course, a top in coral hue is a must-have for next year. It is something you could style and dress up or down easily. Coral is a bright and lively color, so if you want to tone it down, match your top with a neutral color such as black or navy.  But if you want to go bold, match it with another bright color such as green or yellow.

Coral Pink 3/4 Bell Mesh Panel Sleeves V-Neckline Loose Top - Lookbook Store

Coral Pink ¾ Bell Mesh Panel Sleeves V-Neckline Loose Top


And lastly, your collection won’t be complete without a coral dress. Dresses are the easiest way to get chic even in just few seconds. For dresses, you really have a lot of choices. You can go for slip dresses, maxi dresses, sundresses, or even a dress suit. But if you want to relay that feminine and romantic style of yours, choose something that is made with lace and you surely won’t regret it.

Coral Lace Crop Sleeves A-Line Dress - Lookbook Store

Coral Lace Crop Sleeves A-Line Dress

There you go, gorgeous gals. New year isn’t only a time for new beginnings or new year’s resolution. It is also a time for new things, new style, and new color to try. So, leave all you’re your worries behind and face the new year with optimism and fabulous style.

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