4 Coats You Should Own

Coats are our savior during the cold months. But the thing is not everyone is aware that apart from their function of keeping as warm, they also serve as a style purpose.

So if you feel like your outerwear are holding you back from looking stylish in the winter months, then it’s about time you fill your closet with these four types of coats:

1.Trench Coat

Flared Double-Breasted Trench Coat from Lookbook StoreFlared Double-Breasted Trench Coat (sold-out)
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Did you know that trench coats are originally worn by army officers during the World War 1? Now, they’re a must-have because for some reason, you get to wear them over cute sleeveless dresses without freezing yourself.

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How to Look Thin in 3 Easy-Peasy Steps

Every girl wants to look thinner when we want to take selfies. Did you know that there are a lot of brain benefits when you take a nap and one of them is losing weight? Yup. You’ve read it right. So if you want to lose that extra fat that just wouldn’t go away, maybe all you need is a good night’s right.

But, what if you need to look slim in an instant? Well, these may do the trick:

Step 1. Intimates

Wearing the right size and fit with your intimates is the first step to looking thinner. Investing in good intimate wear is the basic foundation of any look. Wearing the wrong size of bra can make you look larger than you are due to the appearance of sagging breasts.

So, investing in shape wear is a must  since the right fit can make you look as if you’ve  lost some pounds.

Cross Over Crop Top - Black from Lookbook StoreCross Over Crop Top – Black (sold-out)
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5 Wardrobe Must-Haves and How to Style Them

Don’t know what styles that look great on you? Fret not because whether your petite or plus-size, these styles are great for you. Plus, get a load of tips for a fashionable you

1. Crop Top

Double Layers Crop Top - White from Lookbook Store

Double Layers Crop Top – White (sold-out)
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Crop tops have been a fashion must have since 2014. And it’s going to be a huge thing this coming spring. I’ve included in this blog the best clothes to pair your chic crop top.

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It’s 2015! Time to Feel like a Queen

2015 is finally here. Which only means one thing: it’s time for a wardrobe change! If the previous year wasn’t especially good to you, then don’t fret as here are some tips that could make 2015 a fashionable and better year for you:

  • Be even more stylish

Faux Leather Cutout Leggings from Lookbook StoreFaux Leather Cutout Leggings (sold-out)
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Step up your game. Put this pair of faux leather cutout leggings on. Be even more stylish this year. Of course,  keep in mind that it’s not necessarily about the clothes you wear; rather it’s about trying out something new from time to time. You never know where you might end up or you never know what you might get from being brave to take on new adventures head on this 2015.

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3 Ideas to Make 2015 Happier Than the Last

new year


Happy New Year, pretties!

My, oh my!  How time flies. It was only just six months ago or so when I started this blog, and now it’s already 2015. And I’m still here. Haha!

Well, I want to thank you guys for being with me since the beginning. I know it’s still a bit early to say that when my blog is still six months old, but what the heck. You deserve it.

Anyway, today is the first Friday of the year. And I want to set the right tone for my blog for the entire year. So I’d like to share to you three easy-to-do ideas that can make your 2015 better and happier than the last.

After all, that’s what we wish for all throughout the year and the next, right? So here goes:

1. Bring a smile to person’s face each day.

This sounds easy to do if you’re talking about your special someone, a friend or a family member. So it would be nicer if you can commit to bringing a smile to a person’s face each day, be it your co-worker, your boss or a complete stranger. Try it and you’ll feel good about yourself, too.

baby smileSource

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