Be a strengthspiration!

Be a strengthspiration!


Midi dress
$39 –

A line coat
$65 –

High heel pumps
£290 –

Fendi purse
$1,950 –

Yellow gold necklace
$9.90 –

Gold bangle
$9.90 –

CÉLINE glass sunglasses
€303 –


Be Your Own Prints Charming

Be Your Own Prints Charming


White dress
$35 –

Blue dress
$29 –

Blue dress
$29 –

Blue dress
$27 –

Boho skirt
$27 –

H&M ankle strap shoes
£40 –

Patchington white purse
$48 –

Back to School 101: 3 Tips for a Stylish Comeback

Tired of sporting the same look every school year? If so, it’s time to spice things up a bit. If you don’t know where to start, then check out some ideas you can try.

  • New Year, New Hair

Been sporting plain boring hair all your life? Try a new hairstyle. If you can’t bear to cutoff your chops for a pixie cut, then change the way wear your hair. For instance, accessorize your half up, half down style with  say, a silver triangle hair clip instead of scrunchies.

Silver Triangle Hair Clip from Lookbook StoreSilver Triangle Hair Clip (sold-out)
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