Achieve That Effortless Summer Style Look with These Tips

Summer dressing is all about keeping it light while maintaining your style. While it can be pretty challenging to dress stylishly under the heat, it’s not impossible.

So if you want to dress up with flair for the summer, here are some tips you might find handy:

  • Loose tops

Sure! Loose tops are the best way to stay effortlessly classy this summer. Especially if its with this deep cowl batwing top. It’s loose, classy and all the time, refreshing.

Deep Cowl Batwing Top from Lookbook StoreDeep Cowl Batwing Top (sold-out)
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Make Father’s Day Special with These Simple Tips

Sure, a lot of us have weekend plans planned.  But this Father’s Day, why not make it a bit special by spending time with your family, especially your father.

Here are some great ideas you can try give your dad the royal treatment he deserves.

1.)Breakfast in bed

Breakfast in Bed

(Image by msahbee0 of pixabay)

When I was growing up, my dad never let me leave the house without breakfast. If he’s like yours,  let your dad know what he means to you by starting his day right with a sumptuous breakfast in bed.

Serving French toast that’s fit for a king can never get you wrong.. After frying both sides golden brown, drizzle a little amount of syrup on top to start his morning with a dose of sweetness. Yum!

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Tips On How to Stay Chill This Summer

Heat? Sweat? Ugh.

I’m sure these are some of the things you’re not excited about summer.  But instead of dreading about those, here are some fun ideas you could try to beat the heat.

Ice Cream Shop Hopping

We all know that one of the best way to stay chill this summer is ice cream. Who wouldn’t love that sweetened cream? I know some awesome ice cream shops that you’ll surely love, so go ahead and check them out.

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Must Have Summer Trends This 2015

Summer is finally here!

I’m sure a lot of you are thinking of some ways to look stylish  while staying comfortable all season. The good thing is you can have both as this year’s trends are all about fun, flirty and feminine.

Check out the styles that are going to dominate the fashion scene this season.

  • Boho tunics

Nothing is more refreshing than wearing something to cool you off, and this off-shoulder top is the best way to do it. It doesn’t just give off that refreshing look, but also the sense of freedom , which  summer is all about.

Black Off Shoulder Top from Lookbook StoreBlack Off Shoulder Top (sold-out)
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