Styling Secrets to Looking Slimmer and Sexier

Getting dressed can become a whole lot easier if you know what pieces work best on your body type. In case you’re not familiar with them, there are actually four kinds of figure:  the pear,  the ruler, the hourglass and the apple shape. Knowing which figure you fall in to can help you find the most flattering outfits.

Once you’ve identified the kind of body shape you have,   use these secrets to your advantage:

1. The Pear Shape. If you tend to gain weight around the middle, clothes should fit loosely around the midsection. Here are some of the sartorial pieces that work best on your body:

  • Opt for tunics because they have a relaxed cut that glides over the stomach.
  • Slim-cut pants look good on you as they can create an illusion of slim legs.
  • Try empire-waist-cut garments. They have a waistline that rest just below the bust, which can conceal the stomach.
  • Because pear-shaped bodies tend to be heavy in the mid-section, focus on the top part to balance your look so you can show off your fabulous shoulders and bust.

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Sartorial Essentials to Creating a Street-Chic Wardrobe

Building a true street-chic wardrobe collection can be quite challenging but here’s the thing, “It’s not impossible.”

How will you do that?

By simply knowing what fashion basics you have in your wardrobe and then adding a few extras to that can be paired with them to create street-chic outfits that are stylish and uniquely you.  Here’s a list of must-have pieces as a starting point to building your true street-chic wardrobe.

  1. A Dainty Dress

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Every girl needs a gorgeous dress.  So find frocks in a light but muted color because they  look great, even in the cold season. Knee-grazing dresses made from delicate fabric, like silk and tulle, are the best. Plus, they can be paired with almost anything, from dainty blazers to rock-chic motorcycle leather jackets.

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5 Fun Ways to Wear Jeans To Work

For years, jeans have been labeled as our go-to clothing staple. Even until now, they can be found in almost every person’s closet,  stylish or not. Indeed,  jeans  have come a long way. They’re no longer just for weekend wear or for the working  class because, as you may have noticed, even corporate executives and professionals are  starting to embrace business casual wear.

Of course, it’s essential to learn how to wear jeans to work without looking inappropriately too casual. Why? Because you  can’t just  pull  them and head to the office. Because  jeans are casual by nature, it’s important to dress them up, not down, when wearing them to work. So, here are 5  fun ways that could help you dress up your all-time favorite clothing piece appropriately.

1.) Darker wash is a better choice for office wear. Lightly colored jeans tend to appear too casual so it’s better to opt for the dark type, be it deep blue or an honest black. It’s also much better if you go for skinny jeans for maximum sleekness.

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Women’s Stretchy Skinny Jeans Button Slim Fit Ripped Denim Jeans

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Fun Ways to Wear a Maxi Dress All Year Round

A couple of years back, maxi dresses were a huge hit. They were the hottest for two or more seasons back that you could see girls and women, including me, dressed in maxi dresses everywhere. Eventually, the trend sizzle because they were seen ubiquitously, and I, for one, got tired of it. Wearing them just became boring.

This summer, however, maxi dresses are making a resurgence thanks to fashionistas and fashion bloggers. What’s more surprising besides their major comeback is that they’ve also become a perennial favorite. So these long dresses are not only being worn during hot days but also even on cold days.

Of course, wearing them in a way that’s appropriate for the season is all a matter of how you style them. That being said, check out these three fun ways style your maxi dresses:

Opt for printed maxi dresses.

If you’re going out for lunch with friends, opt for a colorful, printed dress. The colors can add life to your outfit and can help brighten the mood if you’re feeling down on an overcast day. When it comes to accessories, tone them down a little because you don’t want them to cast a shadow over your lovely dress.

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