Four Nifty Ideas on How to Sport a Slouchy Sweater

No fall-to-winter wardrobe collection is complete without having a few slouchy sweaters on hand. You know, the kind of pieces that are extra bigger than your actual size and fall slightly off your shoulder to exude a little charm. I actually love them so much that I can wear them all day long. They’re not only warm and cozy, but they also give me enough room for movement.

However, when wearing a loose, slouchy sweater it is important to choose the right combination of outfits to balance out proportions. That said, check out these tips on how to sport a comfy slouchy sweater.

  1. Wear it with slim-fitted jeans.

You can never go wrong in teaming a slouchy sweater with a pair of denim jeans. It gives you a laidback chic look and balances off the bulky appearance of the slouchy sweater on top. If you’re in the mood for street styling, go for ripped jeans as they look awesome with the top.

Fringe Knit Sweater - Apricot from Lookbook Store

Apricot Fringe Knit Sweater

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Gorgeous Long-Sleeved Dresses to Keep You Warm

I have to admit that wearing dresses on chilly days is a bit challenging. It’s such a hassle whenever I feel like I want to wear a dress but have to consider my own physical comfort at the same time.  Who can feel sexy when you have two important concerns to worry about, right?

Fortunately, I’m way past on making decisions whether to wear a dress or not on cold days because I’ve found gorgeous dresses on Lookbook Store that can keep me warm and gorgeous at the same time. I really love them because I don’t have to compromise style and comfort when I wear them.

Here, check them out.

1. Long-sleeved Maxi Dress

Floral Maxi Lace Dress from Lookbook Store

Floral Maxi Dress

Maxi dresses are very popular summer-to-spring ensembles but this long-sleeved style is something I, or even you, couldn’t live without.  Its coziness makes  the dress perfect for creating a fun yet romantic outfit. Also, the longer hemlines and sleeves make them work for cold days without bundling yourself up with so much layering pieces. As for the footwear, a pair of boots is a wonderful choice. It gives my ensemble an edgier look while keeping my  feet warm and dry. To know what kind of maxi dress work on your body type, see this article.

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Three Fashionable Pieces That Can Create Fun and Flirty Outfits

If you’re someone who have embraced femininity whole-heartedly and loves to look sweet and dainty all the time, then I can say you are a certified girly girl. Perhaps, like me, you are also on the lookout with new pieces to keep your closet fabulous. If so, then check out these three fashionable pieces I made sure to be in my closet before the year ends. Maybe you’ll get inspiration from my own wardrobe list:

  • Bodice dress

This kind of dress can actually give you a fun and flirty look without putting much effort. By just putting a dainty sling bag on your shoulder and putting on a pair of stunning stilettos as your footwear, you can look charming as you can be. However, if you want to look a little laid back, just top it off with a lovely blazer.

Ruffles Bodice Chiffon Dress - Mint

Ruffles Bodice Chiffon Dress (sold-out)
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5 Ways on how to Rock Blazers This Fall

Blazers are a common sight in the office. In fact, they’re the most important staple for business wear. But believe it or not, such pieces are incredibly versatile. What I’m trying to say is that you don’t have to wear them to work alone. Even if you’re going out to meet friends, you can still wear them as part of your style ensemble.

With that in mind,  I’d like to share to you some tips on how to style blazers with some pieces that are already found in your closet so you don’t look as if you’re going to work on a weekend.

1. Rock it with skinny jeans.

A blazer that is well-structured always look perfect with skinny jeans. It looks trendy, and it can instantly change your look from super casual to casual-chic. Pairing it with a distressed denim can also give you extra style points.

luvamia Women's Long Sleeve Formal Notch Lapel Button Down Blazer Pocket Jacket

Women’s Long Sleeve Formal Notch Lapel Button Down Blazer Pocket Jacket

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