3 Fresh Summer OOTDs to Give Your Jorts a Breather

Step outside your veranda this summer and you’ll immediately notice three things: 1) sweaty folks, 2) a parade of various sunnies, and 3) pairs after pairs of denim shorts (on both men and women, mind you).

There is indeed little doubt that we all love our summer jorts to death—we’d practically wear them every day this season if we can. That’s totally normal because cutoffs are generally comfy and stylish at the same time. But where’s the fun in wearing something you love when it makes you look like every other girl in the neighborhood?!

In that case, it may be wise to step out of our denim comfort zone, if such a thing exists. Instead of wearing your pair of denim cutoffs on every breezy top you can imagine, why not try these killer summer OOTD ideas for a change?

The Mod Kimono

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