Style Tips on What to Wear to an Office Christmas Party

It is that time again of the year. Yes, the dreaded office Christmas party is nearing and you don’t know what to wear to it.

Oh, no!

Well, don’t worry. You’ll be fine. Just don’t dress as Santa or wear any ugly holiday sweater to your office’s long anticipated event.

Instead, here are some tips on what I think will help you girls with your sartorial dilemma:

  1. Don’t overdress but don’t underdress!

Overdressing or under dressing for an event is just the worst fashion faux pas anyone can commit. I have had countless experiences with this and I can tell you there weren’t pleasant. It’s a good thing I learned my lesson.

Ruffle Hem Knit Dress from Lookbook StoreRuffle hem knit dress (sold-out)
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Go with something simple like this ruffle hem knit dress and a sling clutch bag. You’re terribly wrong if think you won’t be turning heads in this getup. This will keep you warm and, at the same time,  keep you looking fabulous. This attire is perfect for you lovely ladies who want to step up your game in the workplace.

  1. Casual Dressing

Raglan Knitted Sweater from Lookbook StoreRaglan Knitted Sweater (sold-out)
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Wearing something casual, like a knitted sweater to an office party, is fine if you don’t want to stand out too much but still want to strike up a conversation with a handsome young fellow you keep running into in the office hallway. This  style has the potential  to make him want to ask you out.  Anyway,  just be confident enough. No matter what you are wearing, you’re beautiful.

Of course, if the dress codes says otherwise, go for number one.


Grey Zipped Pullover Hoodie from Lookbook StoreGrey Zipped Pullover Hoodie (sold-out)
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Wearing a hoodie isn’t bad as long as you wear it in a more stylish manner than it is usually worn. Like on this picture from Lookbook Store, for instance. You wouldn’t want to be too casual now, would you? Pair it with nice looking pants and some flats for a fetching Lindsay Lohan look.

And that’s it. Have fun at your office  party and don’t forget to keep the Santa costume at home. Trust me on this one.


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