4 Tips to Enjoy Summer at Its Height

One thing most people hate about summer is the beating heat. For guys, it’s easy. They just take off their shirts. But for us girls? Well, not easy peasy.

Good thing is there are lots of ways to keep our cool. Here are some of them:

  • Wear Cotton

Cotton is known to be a natural insulator, which can keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. So investing in cotton-made clothes, such as this pastoral print cami dress is a smart way to start beating the heat.

Pastoral Print Cami Dress from Lookbook StorePastoral Print Cami Dress (sold-out)
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How to Dress-Up When Seeing Your Ex After a Long Time

Bumping in to exes can be so awkward, especially when they have arm candies with them, that sometimes you just hope that the ground will swallow them up whole (or you) just to avoid that uncomfortable “Hi, Hellos.”

But there are worse cases than that. For instance, being thrown together at situations, such as weddings, parties, company events and many others, where both of you can’t escape if you can help it.

When this happens, what would you do?

Show him what his missing, of course!

So if you’re going to an event and you’ll know he’ll be there, or if you know the chance of bumping in to each other is pretty high, here’s what you could do:

  • Wear Something Sexy and Classy

Dress sexy, of course. But do it with class. Make him see that him letting you go was a BIG mistake. A head-turning look, like wearing this red halter neck dress, can be enough to let him doubt what he did. Plus, it can attract a potential beau who could be 100 times better than your loser ex-boyfriend.

Red Halter Neck Dress from Lookbook StoreRed Halter Neck Dress

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3 Tips On How to Get That Elegant Boyish Chic Look

You don’t have to look so girly to be elegant. All you need to do is  add some of this and that to have that stylish boyish look.

With these following tips you can have that elegant boyish look in no time.

  1. Tank Tops

Sure! Simple tank top can make styling hassle free, but they can be pretty boring. So jazz your outfit up with something fun and quirky, like this kind of graphic tank top.

Black Graphic Tank Top from Lookbook StoreBlack Graphic Tank Top (sold-out)
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3 Last-Minute Preparations for The 4th of July

Not quite ready yet to party this 4th July? Not to worry. With all the activities you and your family or friends have to plan for the weekend, you’ve probably left out the outfit aspect of the activity.

Well, if don’t know what to wear yet, let these tips help you come up with the party-ready 4th-of-July look.

  • Comfortable and Stylish

This weekend, show them that you have the confidence to walk in style. Go bold and free with this self-tie peasant top.

Self-tie Peasant Top from Lookbook StoreSelf-tie Peasant Top (sold-out)
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