Must-Have Leggings Perfect for Fall

Leggings are essential and versatile items in any girls’ wardrobe. They can help you rock your mini dresses, skirts and shorts during chilly seasons. I must say they’re really perfect for lazy days.

Apart from them keeping you warm, they can make you look stylish and fab as well. Check out these must-have leggings this fall because I’m sure you’ll love them like I do.

1. Black Leggings

Must-have Leggings from Lookbook Store

Must-have Leggings – Black (sold-out)
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3 Gorgeous Dresses Perfect for the Homecoming Event

Homecoming parties make you feel like you’re the most desirable woman on earth. A sweet and perfect feeling everyone should experience. In fact, some girls out there even want to become the homecoming queen. But whether you’d want to be the homecoming queen or just have a fun night meeting new guys, it makes a difference to be all dolled up for the night.

Here, I selected three gorgeous dresses which I think are perfect  for this special night. Maybe one them will tickle your fancy and will fit you well. Check them out.

1. The Ruched Sweetheart Evening Dress

Ruched Sweetheart Evening Dress from Lookbook Store

Ruched Sweetheart Evening Dress (sold-out)
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Honestly, I find this piece romantic and gorgeous. The rhinestones adorned on its straps make the dress dazzle in style and elegance. And its pink mesh is just so perfect that it adds drama to the flowy garment.  This frock is already fancy on its own, so  keep the accessories at  a minimum. Also, don’t forget to carry a clutch bag. It can make you look a lot classier.

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Homecoming Prep Tips to Make the Special Event a Success

Stepping into the fall season is also like stepping into  homecoming territory. As we all know, the Homecoming is  an event where many students don’t want to miss.  Although not every school is the same, I’m sure, like me, you would agree that homecoming party is pretty awesome! It’s a fun event to get to know people and make good impressions that are sure to last the whole school year. So, to make this special event a success, check these homecoming prep tips.

The Dress

Peach Strapless Dress from Lookbook Store

Peach Strapless Dress

Choosing the right homecoming dress is one of the most important decisions you will ever make for this special event. For an easy pick, always start  by considering your physical features – your skin tone, height and body shape. Then, choose the style of the dress that can draw attention to your best asset. There are a lot of designs you can choose from so you can surely find the right one that will make you stand out.

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Three Types of Bags Every Woman Should Own

Bags are an essential staple in a lady’s wardrobe. Just like shoes, they come in different sizes, colors and designs that can compliment any type of outfits.

But unless you have a closet as big as Paris Hilton’s, you can probably only own so much. This boils to the question, which types of bags that women should have in their closet?

Well, to answer that, I’ve rounded up three of the most versatile, chic and handy bags that can complement any type of outfits. Read on and found out:

The Tote Bag

Mint Faux Leather Bag from Lookbook Store

Mint Faux Leather Bag (sold-out)
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This type of bag is one of the most versatile bags out there. They allow us, women, to carry a lot of things all in one pack. With this reason alone, it makes total sense to have at least one in the closet so when you need to be somewhere fast, you can just stuff it and go. What’s more? Tote bags are here to stay for a long while so being on trend is not a problem.

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