Four Super Charming Crop Tops for Summer

Crop tops are possibly one of the trends you feel like you have to forget when you reach a certain age. But you surely have to think twice! Crop tops are extremely versatile and you definitely can wear a crop top without looking like you’ve just left high school. You just need to learn the tricks!

They also come in a wide variety, from itsy bitsy tanks to long sleeves. This trend lets you choose how much you want to reveal depending on your style and on the occasion. Besides that, crop tops are one of our wardrobe saviors when the weather is just so warm. So scroll down, and find out which crop tops are great for your upcoming summer events!

For your sports day

Casual crop tops are best for days when you want to go out watch a football game whether with your family or friends. You can choose the ones with varsity prints or those cute pieces with hoodies. Aside from the fact that they are extremely cute to wear, they also keep you cool and comfy while watching your favorite sports.

Try wearing a hooded crop top under you denim overalls if you’re a little hesitant and when a little stadium food is involved. But if you’re brave enough, just wear it with your high-waist skinny jeans and rubber shoes. That would just be enough to turn heads at the stadium.

Olive Green Ripped Hoodie Crop Top

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