4 Style Tips to Style Dresses and Bags

There comes a time in every girl’s life when she starts to prefer dresses over t-shirts (like how she starts to prefer men over boys). But after a while she starts to wonder, does she even know what she’s doing? She goes around, tries on different dresses and gets discouraged because she somehow couldn’t find that perfect fit.

But eventually that dress she used to look so awkward in starts to grow on her and she starts to feel much more comfortable in it. And life begins to make sense again. But not too long after she is faced with yet another dilemma: what bag to pair that perfect dress with. Ugh.

We spend countless hours in front of the mirror changing from one attire to another to hopefully try and look our best either for work, a night out with friends or a hot date. And another couple more trying on different accessories. But the one accessory that is really difficult to pair clothes with are, well, bags. Shoes are a different story but let’s not go over that right now. Anyway, here are some tips on what bags would look great when paired with dresses:

  1. Work Dressup

V Neck Zip Back Dress from Lookbook StoreV Neck Zip Back Dress (sold-out)
Browse more on #LBS Dress Collection

This V-neck dress is just perfect for the workplace. Maintaining a level of professionalism has never looked and felt this chic and sexy. If this is the look you are going for, pair it with a nice handbag which will make you look even more ravishing.

  1. Date night

Little Black Lace Dress from Lookbook StoreLittle Black Lace Dress (sold-out)
Browse more on #LBS Dress Collection

If you are going out on a date with, say an “Ian Somerhalder” (a girl can hope), step up your game with an alluring black lace dress paired with a nice chain-strapped shoulder bag, giving him all the more reason to ask for a second date.

  1. Chilling with BFFs

Long Sleeves Knit Dress - White from Lookbook StoreLong Sleeves Knit Dress – White

Since it is beginning to feel cold out, I figured I’d add this number to the list. Long sleeve knit dresses are perfect when paired with roll-up clutch bags. I just can’t stress enough how those two go so hand in hand together. Plus, they keep you warm and cozy, which is just perfect for this winter season.

  1. T.G.I.F. Party

Red 3 Keyhole Dress from Lookbook StoreRed 3 Keyhole Dress (sold-out)
Browse more on #LBS Dress Collection

Chain-strapped shoulder bags might look good on a lace dress but they will work wonders on a keyhole one as well. Going out on a fancy dinner with the hubby or boyfriend? This getup is just perfect for that. He won’t be able to get his hands off you when he sees you in this dress for sure.

And that’s it my pretty lovelies. I hope these solve your style dilemmas once and for all.


18 thoughts on “4 Style Tips to Style Dresses and Bags

  1. Caroline K. says:

    Perfect tips for everyone who loves to wear dresses. Anyone who wears just like this would absolutely look stunning and very sexy. Well, i would recommend this to every women out their who loves styling and making their look the best as it should. A combination of a black dress and a white bag or vice versa is definitely the best. 😉


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