Must haves for a Girls’ Night Out

Gather up the girls and have a fun-filled night as you catch up with each other and take a break with all your boy problems. There are many things to do on your girl’s night out, such as hitting the clubs, going to a café or going to a spa..

A girl’s night out is like an oasis in the desert.  Having the gals around and seeing them after a long week of hard work is so refreshing. Of course, this also means not to slow down in the style department. That said, here are our must have lists for a girl’s night out.

1. Some Bling

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Blings are our go-to when we want to update our look without spending any money. These accessories are flashy enough to make you eye-catching and stunning.

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Top Tips on How to Style the Parisian Way

The streets of Paris are like the runway for many fashionistas. Everywhere you look, it seems like people just came straight from a photo shoot or from a magazine cover. A lot of them sport the messy bun and bed head hairstyles yet still manage to look wonderful.

Indeed, a lot of women in Paris carry themselves in an elegant and confident manner that a lot of us would like to emulate.

The good news is you can. Here are four tips to remember when channeling the Parisian in you.

Tip #1 Keep it minimal

A lot of Parisian ladies tend to wear less make up and accessories due to their weather conditions. Keep your face fresh all the time and practice your makeup no makeup look.

Tip #2 Trench Coats

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5 Things to Remember for a Job Interview

Sad to say, we only get one shot at first impressions. And mind you,  first impression do lasts especially when you are having a job interview.

Dressing to impress is important  for a reason because it is the first thing that the interviewer sees and notices about you. Before you shake his/her hands and before you can utter a greeting, the interviewer is already assessing your character through your outfit.

So if you’ve been waiting for a job interview, here are five tips that can help you overcome interview jitters.

1. No statement accessories

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Go easy on your accessories.  Your future employer might be blinded with your bling blings and will lose focus on you. Stick to a few pieces like a bracelet, a watch and a necklace.

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Top 4 Tips on How to Dress Like a Model

Models are the lucky ones. They get to start the latest trends and wear the newest fashion collections by different designers. Who doesn’t want to look like and be like them?

Indeed, it’s a lot of girls’ dream to feel and look glamorous even if they’re not models per se. it’s a dream to

Tip # 1. Be confident

anne hathaway

Image Source: Giphy

Confidence is important.  You don’t see a model that’s not confident in the way she looks and the way she walks. A model sees the world as her stage. Being confident about your body, your size and your weight is the first step to looking or feeling like a model. You’ll never get anywhere if you don’t believe in yourself.

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Gift Ideas for Your Other Half

It doesn’t take much to make the love of your life happy. A kiss from you after a long and tiring day in the office can make him  smile. But you can do more than that, of course.

Show how much you appreciate and love him in these 3 simple gift ideas. Not to mention that this gift ideas are full of effort and love.

1. Chocolates and sweets

Chocolates contain  endorphins which have been linked to falling in love. Hit the kitchen and get the cookbook ready this Heart’s day as you bake him a chocolate cake or a tray of cookies.

2. Surprise!

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Plan a surprise dinner date where you can get to cook his favorite dishes. You can also surprise him by waking up earlier than usual, cook him some breakfast and serve it in bed. If you’re planning on a romantic date,  dress up to make him drool.

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