Don’t Hold Back Black Friday: Holiday Style Tips

Hellooooo Holidays!

We’ll be waiting another year for Thanksgiving but the much awaited, anticipated and the BIGGEST shopping spree is TODAY! All of the shops are having their sale and it’s our opportunity to buy as many stuff as possible. While doing the gadget hunting, clothes shopping, or Christmas tree haggling,  a true fashion enthusiast will never forget to dress up and see shopping sprees as a perfect way to doll up and let the world see her eclectic taste in fashion.

If you’re going out to buy gadgets and other stuff for the coming Christmas on Black Friday, you’ll want to stay comfortable but still fashionable for that once in a year mega sale. So here are some tips on dressing up for your Black Friday shopping spree.

1. Dress It Up!

The good thing about dresses is it’s very easy to remove, and is my number one favorite when it comes to owning that chic look.

Denim andChiffon Dress from Lookbook StoreDenim chiffon dress (sold-out)
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Mesh Heart Lace Dress - Apricot from Lookbook StoreApricot mesh hear lace dress  (sold-out)
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Floral Maxi Lace Dress from Lookbook StoreFloral maxi lace dress

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Must-Have Knits This Season

Did you know that knitted fabrics have been extremely popular since the 1960s and 1970s? Well girls, this news may come as a shock to you, but knitted fabrics has been rocking the cold season ever since. The good thing is it’s been regaining its popularity and reign this season.

Let me share to you my personal list of must-have knits this fall and winter.

1. Knit Sweater

During cold seasons we really want to go out and have some fun but the chill is holding us back. No worries my friend. By wearing knit sweaters, you’ll be comfortable and fashionable at the same time. Plus, knit sweaters have a variety of colors than your regular sweater.

Striped Cutout Knitwear - Creamy Shoulder from Lookbook StoreStriped knitwear sweater(sold-out)
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3 Pretty Knits Worth Wearing This Season

Since the glam department is not leaving knitwear anytime this season,  I’m going to share to you three pretty knits which are practically indispensable. I’m  also going to include some styling tips along with them just in case you’re still in the lookout for more ideas on how to style them.

A Sweater Dress

Black Cutout Sweater Dress from Lookbook StoreBlack cutout sweater dress

Sweater dresses are the chicest to wear among other knits. They look sophisticated as a day wear or as an evening wear.  In my case, I love wearing them with opaque tights and knee-high booties.  Sweater dresses can also be layered  with other piece,  like cardigans. For a curvy look,  a belt can be useful.

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3 Cozy Sweaters To Wear this Winter

When the weather is freezing cold, it’s hard to stay stylish. I mean how can you when you’re all bundled up, right? What good is a nice, form-fitting top when it’s hidden underneath a thick parka or coat?

Thankfully, the cold season is not a reason to look frumpy because chunky sweaters are great tools to amp your style level. Here are the three cozy sweaters I found at Lookbook Store which I think you should not miss wearing this winter:

1. Chunky Oversized Sweater

For those days when dressing up is not your thing but you don’t have any options but to go out to do your daily routine, a cozy,chunky, oversized sweater will surely come in handy. Such tops are usually knitted so they’ll keep you warm and comfortable all day long. Another thing I like about this kind of knitwear is that they’re very easy to style with. Just wear them with anything you like to wear.

Batwing Sweater Coat - Plum from Lookbook StorePlum Batwing sweater coat (sold-out)
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