3 Nifty Tips to Helping You Find Your Perfect Shorts

Au contraire to what most people believe, shorts can actually be worn by virtually anybody. So whether you have a model-like figure or plump curves, you can still you pull off  a stunning look with your shorts. Yes, that’s right! And wearing them is not just about going for a trendy or classic style and avoiding the rest that doesn’t suit you.

Instead, it’s all about how they feel in you. So to clear out all the confusions you may have about what shorts to buy, here three nifty tips to guide you:

1. Select the right shape.

If your stems are long and lean, the bell-shaped shorts will look best on you. On the other hand, if it’s not tight, they can also provide room for shapely stems, if you have them.  However, if you already have wide hips, you may want to steer clear from bell-shaped shorts as they may cause you to appear to be having bigger, wider hips.

ZZig-Zag Hem Skorts from Lookbook Storeig-zag Hem Shorts (sold-out)
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How to Wear Palazzo Pants From Work to Party

Do you always find yourself struggling to transform your work clothes to party-ready ensembles? Well, fret not.  I understand your struggles because I, too , have the same issues. I usually find myself bringing  an extra pair of pants or dress on Fridays or whenever the girls and I are planning a night out just so I could look dance-club ready and not like I’m off to a library or something.

Ever since I saw a pair of palazzo pants on Pinterest, I didn’t wait very long to buy one. I saw this Aztec-print, wide-leg pants on Lookbook Store and I decided to have it right then and there. It’s not only colorful but also perfect for the summer. Then I thought, this could look great with a white business suit and tank tap and pointed heels. And so I usually wear this whenever we have plans to go dancing after work.

To wear palazzo pants from day to night, here are two ideas you could use:

By Day:

Palazzo Pants Day Wear | Lookbook StoreProducts: Top, Pants, Bracelet, Bag

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3 Gorgeous Maxi Dresses for Breezy Evenings

For this summer, my ultimate must-have are maxi dresses. They’re not only comfortable and breathable, but they’re also versatile that they can be worn to work during the day then straight to a social dinner or party with friends at night.

Of course, if you live in a place where it gets breezy at night, you’ll want maxi dresses that will help keep the chills at a minimum. So with that said, I thought I’d share to you three lovely gorgeous maxi dresses that are not only versatile but are also perfect for the evenings.

Crisscross Maxi Dress

Cross back maxi dress from Lookbook Store

cross back maxi dress (sold-out)
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This black chiffon dress has a crisscross back and a halter neck, exposing the back. However, this can be worn with a leather motorcycle jacket to keep you warm. Other than that, the black color is absorbent to anything, including heat, making this the ideal color for cold days. The dress’ design is also elegant in itself so you can wear this even without accessories.

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3 Dressing Tips to Stay Elegant

Baby Pink Back Zip Dress from Lookbook StoreBaby Pink Back Zip Dress (sold-out)
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Like any true fashionista, I love dressing up. Depending on my mood, I don’t think twice dressing up as a punk chic, a casual boho girl or a preppy student. One look at my closet and you’ll definitely see that I don’t hold back on styles.

One of fashion choices I look to make is dressing elegantly. Of course, when your fashion taste in clothing is as varied as mine, pulling an elegant look once in a while can become a challenge. Years of reading Cosmopolitan, Vogue and many other styling magazines have taught me how to dress elegantly and how to prepare for it whenever the mood strikes me.  So, I’m sharing to you some of the fashion tips I’ve learned over the years.

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