4 Clothes to Get Rid of This Spring to Make Way for New Outfits

“What to wear?”

This is probably every woman’s everyday dilemma. Even with a closet full of clothes, I still find myself asking such a question every time I’m going out of the house.

After some careful thought (and of course, some rummaging through my closet), I found out one of the reasons it’s so difficult to choose what clothes to wear on a daily basis is that I’ve got too much stuff in there. Yup. The struggle is real, ladies.

So, how to make room for more clothes if our closet is already overflowing? Well, here are some of the items we all should be getting rid of to make way for some of the hottest trends for spring and summer.

  • Never-before-seen

I bet you have so many clothes you haven’t actually worn (okay, maybe once). Instead of letting them sit in your closet, why not reconsider their existence in your life? Does it fit you? Are you still going to wear it? Can you alter it? If your answer is “no” to most of these questions, then it’s about time you get rid of it. When you do, you’ll be able to make room for a new set of cute rompers, like this pink bohemian printed romper, for spring and summer.

Pink Bohemian Printed Romper | Lookbook Store
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7 of the Hottest Swimwear Styles Women Will Want to Wear This Year

I can’t believe February’s almost over. Oh! Happy Valentine’s Day, ladies!

Time does fly so fast. Can you believe it’s almost bikini season once again? I can’t wait to hit the beach. How about you, loves?

Now, speaking of bikinis and beaches, I’m pretty sure a lot of you, ladies, are excited about the hottest swimwear styles this year. So, I’ve rounded up some of the must-watch-out-for swimsuits and cover-ups for #Summer2016.


High-Neck Bikini Tops and Crop Tops

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