Four Summer Wedding Guest Dresses That Are Surely Head-Turning

Got a summer wedding popping on a calendar? Don’t worry. We got you covered.

What to wear to your friends’ summer wedding isn’t always an easy question to answer. It’s because wedding codes come with a lot of stipulations. Dressing for a wedding comes with conditions such as you can’t go too short, don’t wear something too flashy, and never ever wear white, ecru, cream, and so on.

But relax, ‘cause we got the solution! We’ve summed up four of the most popular wedding codes and came up with the prettiest and chicest dresses to wear on the occasion. Solve your wedding guest outfit dilemma by scrolling down.

Beach and other destinations go hand-in-hand with summer weddings. To feel comfortable with the sun, wind, and sun, and still look wedding-appropriate, choose dresses with breathable and longer hemlines. Maxi dresses with pretty floral prints or bright colors are the perfect choice if you friend decides to tie the knot in tropical settings.

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