How to Wear Skirts with Confidence

Every girl, sooner or later, is bound to want to wear skirts.  Unfortunately, the lot of us are all  faced with this one challenge of actually doing it. I know it’s a bit unnerving. Showing off your goods to random people and, sometimes, to  pervs aren’t exactly every young woman’s dream.

If you are self-conscious, like me back then, it’s time to man up and face your fears because people don’t  think of you as much as you think they do. Keep in mind that they’re  too busy being conscious about themselves than they are going to give a hoot about anyone else. I kid you not.

So how do you wear skirts confidently? Here are tips worth trying out:

1. Spice it up

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Spice it up a bit and wear them with tights or leggings. That way you can see how skirts feel like while not totally exposing your thighs. Do this for about maybe a few months or so or until you get comfortable enough not to wear leggings. Don’t worry if it’s going to take a while. Skirts with tights are adorable and you shouldn’t be the least bit conscious in them.

2. Don’t dive right in

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Don’t dive right in just yet. Dip your toe in the water. Get a feel of how cold it is first. Wear a skirt that isn’t too revealing. Maybe wear one that ‘s just above the knee. And when you’re ready, try on one that’s a little shorter.

  • Skirts aren’t for every occasion

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Be mindful of where you’re  going. Also, consider if whether or not you’ll be taking your car, a cab or a bus. You wouldn’t want some creep to keep looking up your skirt while you are commuting, would you? Wear a skirt (especially short ones) only if you know you’re heading to a secure place.

  • Confidence

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I read somewhere once that 80% of your outfit is confidence, which I totally agree with and you guys should too! Remember, everybody’s body is beautiful.

And there you have them. If you’re having a hard time feeling good about wearing skirts, try one of these tips. It’s great to be a girl, you know.  And it’s more fun if you dress like one.

How to Wear Skirts with Confidence | Lookbook Store

How to Wear Skirts with Confidence


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