3 Tips to Look Gorgeous On a Romantic Dinner Date

Got a hot date with a man you’ve been pining for quite some time? Then this date with him could be your once-in-a-lifetime  chance to make him yours.

So make the right first impression by trying these tips:

  1. Gorgeous Mane

Whether they would like to admit or not, guys have a fetish for certain hairstyles. So to be on the alluring side, consider these hairstyles that a lot of men love.


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3 Ways to Feel Sexy Under the Heat of Tortuga Music Festival

As a music junkie, I know for a fact that this fun-filled beach music festival would surely make your weekend unforgettable .

But before that, did you know that Tortuga Music Festival  isn’t just about  music bands playing live  for the fans but also to raises awareness for marine conservation. Awesome, right?

What’s more exciting is that you can meet a lot of different people who share the same interest.

So if you’re ready to party, here are some style hints to help party while looking your best:

  1. Select an eye-catching bikini.

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If you like to wear it bold and sexy, then an über stylish mesh bikini is just for you, However, if you want to have this innocent yet sexy look then this monokini is what you’ve been looking for.
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4 Ways to Celebrate Easter in a Fun, Meaningful Way

I can see a lot of bunnies and egg decorations everywhere and then it hit me— a few days from
now is Easter!

Although it’s a  Christian holiday, there are a lot of non-religious people who still observe it, albeit in a non-religious way.

Regardless of what you believe,  Easter is a time of celebration, festivities and new beginnings. And if you’re up for it,  put on a pair of cute bunny ears and get on the holiday vibe with these ideas:


Start your vacation early. For some countries,  Easter Sunday is preceded by a long weekend, so you might want to grab  the chance to explore new places and learn new cultures.


Egg Art

egg art

Although Easter egg hunting is mainly for kids, grownups can get in to the fun as well. If you’re throwing an egg hunt for kids of all ages,  build their anticipation and excitement by providing fun activities such as egg art.

Throw Easter Party/Dinner

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Family luncheons or dinner parties on Easter Sunday has long been a tradition. For a stylish look, cute and  neutrals are your friends for this event.

Organize an Easter Egg Hunt


The most-awaited part of this holiday is the egg hunt. Indeed,  Easter wouldn’t be complete without this egg-citing activity!

And that’s about it. I hope you have a merry Easter Sunday. Happy new beginnings!

4 Ways to Celebrate Easter in a Fun, Meaningful Way | Lookbook Store

4 Ways to Celebrate Easter in a Fun, Meaningful Way

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