Three Outerwear That Will Level Up Your Summer Style

Summer is finally here. Hello flowy tops and sundresses! But are you the kind of girl who just love to layer? Well, there is no need to fret because you don’t have to give up layering just because it is hot outside.

Layering can be a challenge during summer because it is hard to find outerwear that won’t make you overheat. The secret here is the material. Lightweight pieces such as kimonos and cardigans can quickly level up just about any outfit making them a perfect wardrobe addition this summer. Check out this list of outerwear style that will up your fashion game this summer without making your sweat.

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3 Three Colors to Wear This Valentine’s Day That Aren’t Red

When we say Valentine’s Day outfit, the color red is definitely the first color that will into come into your mind. Well, who wouldn’t think about it? After all, red is the color of love and is considered one of the most attractive colors. However, it isn’t always good to go with the flow especially if you want to stand out. So, we did our part and came up with these three non-red colors that are great to wear this Valentine’s Day. Read on and check these fabulous colors out.

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Three Chic Ways to Wear Living Coral: The 2019 Color of the Year

Lookbook Store - Three Chic Ways to Wear Living Coral: The 2019 Color of the Year

Time to say goodbye to ultra violet, and say hello to living coral. Pantone has finally announced living coral as 2019’s color of the year. According to Pantone, this color was chosen in response to the increasing human need to feel connected with each other as people become more and more indulged in technology. This pretty and lively orange pink hue promotes being sociable, spirited, and optimistic. It also encourages playful and light-hearted activities.

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Three Chic Looks You Could Do With Your Sweater

Three Chic Looks You Could Do With Your Sweater

A lot of you might be missing summer days which brings you the warm weather that allows you to wear all your sweet and girly sundresses. But don’t deny the fact that this year, as the first signs of autumn and cold weather showed up, a part of you got so giddy wanting to pull out all the sweaters you’ve been hiding behind your closet. Well we can’t blame you for that ‘cause there is nothing better than a cozy sweater on a crisp and chilly autumn afternoon. But wait, cold weather is never an excuse to be frumpy. So, we’ve created three super pretty sweater looks that would surely turn your chic. Whether you are staying at home or chilling around with your friends, there is definitely a perfect sweater look for you. Check these out, and find out.

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How to Wear The Pink Trend This Fall

As the temperature start to drop, we have this urge to keep all our outfits in dark colors as much as possible. It may be because it reflects the earlier end of days and it adds a bit of spooky vibes for Halloween. However, introducing some unexpected into your OOTD can make a big difference not only to your look but in your mood as well. For the past few years, we’ve seen fashion icons and bloggers experiment with their cold season OOTDs by breaking the usual color trend.

One of the most unexpected color for the cold season that turned out to be super pretty is the color pink. We’ve seen it in runways, and we’ve seen it in streets. And it proved that we don’t have to wait till spring to wear the color girls love the most. However, wearing it during the cold season is not as easy as wearing it in spring or summer. So, we’ve come with these three helpful tips on how to wear pink this cold season. Read on, and find out.

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3 Maillot Swimsuits Every Fab Girl Should Have

3 Maillot Swimsuits Every Fab Girl Should Have

First things first, gorgeous gals. Let’s first find out what a maillot swimsuit is.

Well, “maillot swimsuit” is basically another term for one-piece swimsuit or bathing suit. The word “maillot” was derived from French phrase for swaddling clothes and it literally means “shirt” in French. It was then used through the years as fashion designers use the term to refer to women’s one-piece swimsuit. Generally, maillot swimsuits come in a tank-style bodice and high-cut legs. But it has evolved into more modern designs that includes details such as plunging neckline, turtlenecks, and other bold styles.

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How to Look Curvier in 4 Easy Ways


Creating an illusion of a curvier body is actually not that difficult. Wearing bodycon dresses and cinching your waist with a belt are foolproof ways to do it. But aside from those infallible tricks, there are sure lots of fab ways to highlight those curves without having to wear those body-hugging dresses.

So, keep reading and watch out for this for super easy ways on how to look curvier.

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3 Non-Floral Dresses To Rock This Summer

3 Non-Floral Dresses To Rock This Summer | Lookbook Store

Along with arrival of warm weather come the obvious invasion of floral everything. Dresses, crop tops, bottoms, shoes, and even accessories seem to be all available in different floral patterns. Summer is definitely the time when you can easily spot flowers not only in your garden but on everyone’s outfit.

So what if you are not into florals? Does it mean that you won’t be fab for summer? Well, if florals aren’t your thing, you don’t have to wear them. There are surely a hundred ways to look chic this summer without wearing florals. Scroll down, and learn the three of them.

The Little White Dress

If the little black dress is a cold months must-have, then the little white dress or LWD is a wardrobe staple during the summer. Just like the LBD, white dresses are extremely versatile. You can easily style it whether you’re out with your friends on a weekend wearing your oh-so-comfy sneakers or off to a formal dinner with your high heels and statement earrings. You would definitely have a hard time naming an event when a little white dress isn’t appropriate.

Plus Size Off White Short-Sleeves Skater Dress | Lookbook Store

Plus Size Off-White Short Sleeves Skater Dress

The Trusty Shift Dress

Shift dresses are that hangs loose from the shoulder, falls straight down below, and does not cinch at the waist. Because of this, this dresses are probably the best choice if you want to feel totally comfortable on a warm summer day. Now, if you are not into florals, choose a shift dress that has either a bright color or interesting details such as lace embellishments or embroidery to make it even more appealing for summer.

Grey Illusion Neck Sleeveless Shift Dress | Lookbook Store

Grey Illusion-Neck Sleeveless Shift Dress

The Printed Dress

Just because you are not a fan of florals it doesn’t mean that you’ll be wearing plain clothing throughout the season. You do have a lot of choices. You just have to be careful with your choice of color for it can be tricky. You can go for animal prints, stripes, abstract patterns, polka dots, and even leaf prints that has lighter or fresher color shades.  Well, these aren’t florals but they sure are equally gorgeous and charming.

Green Leaf-Print Crop Sleeves Wrap Dress | Lookbook Store

Green Leaf-Print Crop Sleeves Wrap Dress

There you have it. Try these dresses, and have a fun-filled summer, beautiful gals!

Three Super Easy Spring Outfit Inspirations

Three Super Easy Spring Outfit Inspirations | Lookbook Store

Spring is finally in full blast bringing longer days and warmer temperature. When the most beautiful season started, we all rushed to unpack the warm-weather pieces we totally love. Spring is just an awesome time to dress up. It brings invites certain lightness and a happy spirit that make us want to stay out all the time.

But as the season progress, it seems that we are running out of style inspirations. So we did our job, and got just what you need to look fab this spring. Read on and check out these three casual style inspiration that can make dressing for spring a total adventure.

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