How to Wear Palazzo Pants From Work to Party

Do you always find yourself struggling to transform your work clothes to party-ready ensembles? Well, fret not.  I understand your struggles because I, too , have the same issues. I usually find myself bringing  an extra pair of pants or dress on Fridays or whenever the girls and I are planning a night out just so I could look dance-club ready and not like I’m off to a library or something.

Ever since I saw a pair of palazzo pants on Pinterest, I didn’t wait very long to buy one. I saw this Aztec-print, wide-leg pants on Lookbook Store and I decided to have it right then and there. It’s not only colorful but also perfect for the summer. Then I thought, this could look great with a white business suit and tank tap and pointed heels. And so I usually wear this whenever we have plans to go dancing after work.

To wear palazzo pants from day to night, here are two ideas you could use:

By Day:

Palazzo Pants Day Wear | Lookbook StoreProducts: Top, Pants, Bracelet, Bag

Look office-appropriate with a pair of palazzo pants by pairing it with a simple sleeveless top and a OL-style blazer. As for your shoes, you have the option to wear either a pair of chunky-heeled sandals or pointed shoes. Then polish your outfit with accessories, such as a bracelet, and a faux leather shoulder bag.

Although such pants are made for casual wear, you can wear a pair to any formal business meetings,provided that the rest of your outfit are plain and less eye-catching.

For night:

Palazzo Pants Night Wear | Lookbook Store

Products: Top1, Top2,  Pants, Clutch, Bracelets

When it’s nightfall, just take off your OL blazer and you’re ready party.

But if it’s a party where you want to stand out or maybe meet guys, pair the pants with a bodice-style crop top like the floral printed one. Don’t worry if your top and pants don’t match, because these days, it’s okay to wear mismatch prints. Then, add glamour to our outfit by using a sequined clutch bag and sparkly accessories, like the pendant bracelet set above.

See? It’s not really hard. Just let your creativity run wild and free and you’ll be able to wear palazzo pants anytime anywhere.

How to Wear Palazzo Pants From Work to Party | Lookbook Store

How to Wear Palazzo Pants From Work to Party


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