Three Super Easy Spring Outfit Inspirations

Three Super Easy Spring Outfit Inspirations | Lookbook Store

Spring is finally in full blast bringing longer days and warmer temperature. When the most beautiful season started, we all rushed to unpack the warm-weather pieces we totally love. Spring is just an awesome time to dress up. It brings invites certain lightness and a happy spirit that make us want to stay out all the time.

But as the season progress, it seems that we are running out of style inspirations. So we did our job, and got just what you need to look fab this spring. Read on and check out these three casual style inspiration that can make dressing for spring a total adventure.

Comfy and Feminine

Perhaps you’ve seen several stars, like Taylor Swift, sporting their favorite kicks like Keds with their fancy dress. Spring is definitely the perfect time to follow their lead. So if you have a pair of Converse, Vans, or any sneakers that you just love to pair with your jeans and tee combo, now is the time to take it out. Lightweight, flowy, and patterned spring dresses or stretchy tank dresses are the best when it comes to pairing with sneakers.

Comfy and Feminine | Lookbook Store

Red Floral Mandala Crisscross-Front Shift Dress


Athleisure is definitely one of the mainstream styles since last year. It’s easy, it’s fab, and it’s totally comfy. So we’d be wondering if it’s not. Many has been experimenting with athleisure tan dresses layered under a sweater or denim jackets, but nothing beats the cool and laidback vibe brought by the tee and jeans combo, paired with your favorite sneakers and baseball cap.

Athleisure | Lookbook Store

Black Short Sleeves Front Pocket Loose V-Neck Tee

Preppy and Chic

A set of white shorts is a must-have for summer. It is because you can create several gorgeous looks with it. Tuck a striped long sleeve shirt in it for a foolproof preppy look. Settle for a sleeveless collared shirt and oxford shoes and slay that extra cool and chic preppy style.

Preppy and Chic | Lookbook Store

Black Layered Ruffle-Hem Sleeveless Button-Down Blouse

Try one of these, gals. And you won’t surely go wrong. Have a fabulous spring, y’all!

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