Three Ways To Wear Burgundy This Fall

Three Ways To Wear Burgundy This Fall

Fall is definitely here! And who doesn’t get excited with all those pumpkin patches, caramel apples, beautiful foliage, and of course, fall fashion. Fall is surely the best time to bring out those boots, jackets, and cozy cardigans. It is also when we start transitioning our wardrobe from pastels to jewel colors and from lightweight fabrics to cozier ones.

One of the most popular colors for fall is burgundy. Burgundy is quite similar to other shades of dark red such as maroon. But it differs in some subtle ways. It has purple tinge because it is created by adding purple to red. It is one of the fall favorites because it is extremely versatile and can usually be combined with black, navy blue, teal, white, and many more.

However, one can easily be tempted to start wearing certain color in the same way over and over again. This year is definitely not a good time to do that. A little experimenting and leaving your comfort zone will do the trick. So keep scrolling and find out how to wear burgundy the chic way.


Fall is surely the perfect time to start layering! The cool and chilly weather is an awesome excuse to layer up. So don’t you ever be shy to wear layers!

A mock neck sweater with a touch of burgundy worn under a burgundy coat is absolutely fabulous especially when matched with dark skinny jeans and suede booties.

Burgundy Striped Colorblock Cowl Neck Drawstring Pullover TopBurgundy Striped Colorblock Cowl Neck Drawstring Pullover Top


We all have that plain burgundy piece that needs a little bit of cheering. Try adding a piece of clothing in contrasting color and make it pop in an instant.

Let’s take that plain burgundy dress for example. It can be classy when worn alone but there is always a tendency that it’ll look bland and boring when worn repeatedly. Why not wear a cardigan or blazer in constrasting color over it? Perhaps sand outerwear in mustard yellow or teal will do the trick. Then keep the rest of your accessories in neutral colors to avoid overdoing it.

Plus Size Burgundy Decollete Neckline Pencil DressPlus Size Burgundy Decollete Neckline Pencil Dress


Try taking two pieces of clothing of the same color. For example, a burgundy dress and burgundy boots, and pair them together.  Surely this is a brave move, but that exactly our point. To make it bold and standout from the crowd. But if you want to take it easy, you can try matching a burgundy top and jeans combo with your burgundy booties.

Plus Size Burgundy Ruched Surplice TopPlus Size Burgundy Ruched Surplice Top

There you have it, gals. These burgundy outfits will not only keep you warm but will absolutely make you look chic. Try these, and you won’t regret it.

Three Ways To Wear Burgundy This Fall


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