3 Maillot Swimsuits Every Fab Girl Should Have

3 Maillot Swimsuits Every Fab Girl Should Have

First things first, gorgeous gals. Let’s first find out what a maillot swimsuit is.

Well, “maillot swimsuit” is basically another term for one-piece swimsuit or bathing suit. The word “maillot” was derived from French phrase for swaddling clothes and it literally means “shirt” in French. It was then used through the years as fashion designers use the term to refer to women’s one-piece swimsuit. Generally, maillot swimsuits come in a tank-style bodice and high-cut legs. But it has evolved into more modern designs that includes details such as plunging neckline, turtlenecks, and other bold styles.

Summer might be almost over. But it doesn’t mean that it’s too late to stock up on these fab girls’ swimming must-haves. After all, swimming time is any time, right? So, dive into these list of awesome maillot swimsuits every girl should have.


Lookbook Store | Black Cutout Plunge Neck Multi-Strap Back Swimsuit

Just like the little black dress, a little black swimsuit is also a must-have. This classic piece is totally timeless. It is class. It is sexy. It is flattering on any body shape and skin tone. It is everything. If you are new in wearing swimsuit, this one is totally foolproof. As long as you have that one trusty black swimsuit in your closet, you surely won’t go wrong.


Lookbook Store Black Sweetheart-Neckline Ruched One-Piece Swimsuit

Spotted several swimsuits that look much of those vintage swimwear back in 1940’s and 1950’s? Those are definitely great choices if you want to beautify your body shape. If there is a swimsuit that is extremely figure-flattering that would be the retro-inspired maillot. Most retro maillot swimsuits come in a style that flatters the waist and hips. They are also great alternatives if you are not a fan of skimpy swimwear because the designs are mostly modest.


Lookbook Store Plus Size Pink Printed Swimsuit

Plain swimsuits are beautiful and classy, but there are surely times when you want to look sassy and quirky. You have nothing to worry about because maillot swimsuits come in variety of shapes, colors, and prints nowadays. Just one click and you’ll find several one-piece with cute details, catchy prints, and different materials.

Summer might be over soon, but you surely don’t have to wait for next year just to stock up on your swimwear. Own these gorgeous maillot swimsuits, and surely won’t go wrong.

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