5 Ways on how to Rock Blazers This Fall

Blazers are a common sight in the office. In fact, they’re the most important staple for business wear. But believe it or not, such pieces are incredibly versatile. What I’m trying to say is that you don’t have to wear them to work alone. Even if you’re going out to meet friends, you can still wear them as part of your style ensemble.

With that in mind,  I’d like to share to you some tips on how to style blazers with some pieces that are already found in your closet so you don’t look as if you’re going to work on a weekend.

1. Rock it with skinny jeans.

A blazer that is well-structured always look perfect with skinny jeans. It looks trendy, and it can instantly change your look from super casual to casual-chic. Pairing it with a distressed denim can also give you extra style points.

Double Lapel Fit-and-flare Blazer - Black from Lookbook StoreDouble Lapel Fit-And-Flare Blazer

2. Style it with a white dress.

A white dress that would have looked very simple can otherwise look extra chic if you wear it with  a dainty blazer over it.  Just take a look at the image below and you’ll see what I mean.

LLapel Cotton Suit from Lookbook Storeapel Cotton Suit – Pink (sold-out)
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3. Pair it with shorts.

Casual shorts can look classy and dressy with the help of blazers, especially the office-lady style kind. To look classy instead of trashy, follow this golden rule for this styling your shorts this way: the blazer shouldn’t be longer than the end of the short. See? Classy isn’t it?

Oversize Lapel BlazerOversize Lapel Blazer – Blue (sold-out)
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4. Accent your pair of pants and a feminine top with a blazer.

A masculine blazer can add an edge a feminine top, like the one in the picture below. The studded PU blazer completes the bad-ass chic ensemble.

Studs Shoulder PU Blazer from Lookbook StoreStuds Shoulder PU Blazer (sold-out)
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5. Add ‘oomph’ to a plain tee with a blazer.

If you opt for a laid-back look, pair your blazer with a plain tee. Better yet,  accessorize your plain tee and blazer with boho-style necklace or bracelet.  This will help create a fun, relaxed look that will make you look less intimidating.

Studded Shoulder Denim Blazer - Green from Lookbook StoreStudded Shoulder Denim Blazer – Green

So there you have the tips. I’m sure that after reading this, you’d realize that blazers are not only for office or business wear. It’s really surprising that blazers can be paired  with almost anything. So what do you think? Do you think you can pull off these style tips? Let me know. And if you have other styling tips to add, share them by leaving a comment below.

5 Ways on how to Rock Blazers This Fall | Lookbook Store

5 Ways on how to Rock Blazers This Fall


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