Three Fashionable Pieces That Can Create Fun and Flirty Outfits

If you’re someone who have embraced femininity whole-heartedly and loves to look sweet and dainty all the time, then I can say you are a certified girly girl. Perhaps, like me, you are also on the lookout with new pieces to keep your closet fabulous. If so, then check out these three fashionable pieces I made sure to be in my closet before the year ends. Maybe you’ll get inspiration from my own wardrobe list:

  • Bodice dress

This kind of dress can actually give you a fun and flirty look without putting much effort. By just putting a dainty sling bag on your shoulder and putting on a pair of stunning stilettos as your footwear, you can look charming as you can be. However, if you want to look a little laid back, just top it off with a lovely blazer.

Ruffles Bodice Chiffon Dress - Mint

Ruffles Bodice Chiffon Dress (sold-out)
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  • Shoulder-baring Top

Wearing  a shoulder-baring top is one of the chic ways to show off enough skin and look sweetly alluring. This kind of outfit is perfect for daytime looks. Try wearing this sexy piece just like how you wear your tank tops. You can pair it with your jean shorts or a light colored skirt for a young girl-meets-the-princess vibe. This has become my favorite go-to top whenever I feel like throwing a chic boho look ensemble in no time.

Eyelet Off Shoulder Top

Eyelet Off Shoulder Top

  • Mesh Paneled Clothing

And finally, for a playful look that is a tease to the crowd, this mesh-paneled dress is just right for you. Its peek-a-boo style can absolutely give you a fascinating look that can be admired by many. I wear this whenever I have date with a hot guy (wink, wink). In line with mesh,  try adding a variety of  mesh-paneled tops, rompers and jumpsuits in your closet. You’ll thank yourself later.

Black Mesh Beads Neckline Dress

Black Beads Neckline Dress (sold-out)
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And that’s about it for the list. I hope you love them as I have with my own collection. Cheers to chic-ness!

Three Fashionable Pieces That Can Create Fun and Flirty Outfits

Three Fashionable Pieces That Can Create Fun and Flirty Outfits


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