Gorgeous Long-Sleeved Dresses to Keep You Warm

I have to admit that wearing dresses on chilly days is a bit challenging. It’s such a hassle whenever I feel like I want to wear a dress but have to consider my own physical comfort at the same time.  Who can feel sexy when you have two important concerns to worry about, right?

Fortunately, I’m way past on making decisions whether to wear a dress or not on cold days because I’ve found gorgeous dresses on Lookbook Store that can keep me warm and gorgeous at the same time. I really love them because I don’t have to compromise style and comfort when I wear them.

Here, check them out.

1. Long-sleeved Maxi Dress

Floral Maxi Lace Dress from Lookbook Store

Floral Maxi Dress

Maxi dresses are very popular summer-to-spring ensembles but this long-sleeved style is something I, or even you, couldn’t live without.  Its coziness makes  the dress perfect for creating a fun yet romantic outfit. Also, the longer hemlines and sleeves make them work for cold days without bundling yourself up with so much layering pieces. As for the footwear, a pair of boots is a wonderful choice. It gives my ensemble an edgier look while keeping my  feet warm and dry. To know what kind of maxi dress work on your body type, see this article.

2. Long-sleeved Bodycon Dress

Sweetheart Bodycon Dress from Lookbook Store

Sweetheart Bodycon Dress (sold-out)
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As what they say, colds days are also the time for mixing stylish and comfortable pieces to create one stunning ensemble. And I believe this long-sleeved bodycon dress is all for it. You can pull off a casual look in it by topping it off with a denim blazer or a fur waistcoat for a more sophisticated look. However, if your choice is to look a little laidback, pairing it with a loose type of cardigan also works best.

3. Long-sleeved LBD

Embroidered Lace Sleeves Dress from Lookbook Store

Sexy Embroidered Lace Sleeves Dress (sold-out)
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As we all know, a little black dress never dates. It can make you ready whenever you are pressed for time to dress up for an  event. However, if your style is not to show off too much skin to keep yourself warm and comfy, then this long sleeved LBD is perfect for you.

I’m  so glad  that I found these. Whenever I feel like wearing something feminine, I can just pull them out of my closet.


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