Must haves for a Girls’ Night Out

Gather up the girls and have a fun-filled night as you catch up with each other and take a break with all your boy problems. There are many things to do on your girl’s night out, such as hitting the clubs, going to a café or going to a spa..

A girl’s night out is like an oasis in the desert.  Having the gals around and seeing them after a long week of hard work is so refreshing. Of course, this also means not to slow down in the style department. That said, here are our must have lists for a girl’s night out.

1. Some Bling

Bling Pendants Bracelet Set from Lookbook StoreBling Pendants Bracelet Set (sold-out)
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Hollowed-out Rose Bracelet - Rose from Lookbook StoreBling Pendants Bracelet Set (sold-out)
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Blings are our go-to when we want to update our look without spending any money. These accessories are flashy enough to make you eye-catching and stunning.

2. Stylish clutch

Contrast Folded Clutch - Black from Lookbook Store

Contrast Folded Clutch – Black (sold-out)
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Swap your totes and sling bags with a very sophisticated and stylish clutch. Where else will you be putting your makeup essentials?

3. Cute top

Blue Lace Tank Top from Lookbook StoreBlue Lace Tank Top (sold-out)
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If you want something that’s casually chic, go for a cute top. Just pair it with jeans and pointed pumps and you’re good to go.

4. Hot dress

Ruched Bodycon Slip Dress from Lookbook StoreRuched Bodycon Slip Dress (sold-out)
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Look lovely as you dance the night away with a hot dress. You can never go wrong with a dress, whether you’re going to a trendy dance club or a bar.

Catching up with your friends and having a fun-filled girls’ night out is one of the best feelings in the world since you know you are making memories with people you trust. Have a fun weekend ahead, ladies!


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