Top 4 Tips on How to Dress Like a Model

Models are the lucky ones. They get to start the latest trends and wear the newest fashion collections by different designers. Who doesn’t want to look like and be like them?

Indeed, it’s a lot of girls’ dream to feel and look glamorous even if they’re not models per se. it’s a dream to

Tip # 1. Be confident

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Confidence is important.  You don’t see a model that’s not confident in the way she looks and the way she walks. A model sees the world as her stage. Being confident about your body, your size and your weight is the first step to looking or feeling like a model. You’ll never get anywhere if you don’t believe in yourself.

Tip # 2. Get inspiration

Emma Watson, Kendall Jenner, Kim Kardashian, Taylor Swift — They’re not only celebrities in their own right but are also making headlines in the fashion world. They can also make for great style inspirations.

Tip # 3. Be fashionable

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Build your wardrobe and include classic and basic staples, such as white blouses, LBDs and cardigans. They are so easy to style and pair with other clothes that you’ll be able to create different ensembles. Plus,  they’ve stood the test of time so you’ll never go wrong with them.

Tip # 4. Know your body shape

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Knowing your body type is a must and is a great advantage because you’ll be investing clothes that works best and looks good on your body shape.

And that’s about it. We don’t have to be model in order to look great, but we can look like one by following these tips. Just remember the word ‘model’ doesn’t always imply bone thin models. So love yourself and  your body.

Top 4 Tips on How to Dress Like a Model | Lookbook Store

Top 4 Tips on How to Dress Like a Model

26 thoughts on “Top 4 Tips on How to Dress Like a Model

  1. Jeannette says:

    Loved this post and yes, to me being confident is the key. The way we carry ourselves is what being stylish really means to me. We can wear the most expensive and fashionable clothes but if we don’t believe in our true value as human beings, the clothes and everything else we wear will just be clothes and material stuff and that will be it. Thanks for sharing! XOXO, Jeannette


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