4 Clothes to Get Rid of This Spring to Make Way for New Outfits

“What to wear?”

This is probably every woman’s everyday dilemma. Even with a closet full of clothes, I still find myself asking such a question every time I’m going out of the house.

After some careful thought (and of course, some rummaging through my closet), I found out one of the reasons it’s so difficult to choose what clothes to wear on a daily basis is that I’ve got too much stuff in there. Yup. The struggle is real, ladies.

So, how to make room for more clothes if our closet is already overflowing? Well, here are some of the items we all should be getting rid of to make way for some of the hottest trends for spring and summer.

  • Never-before-seen

I bet you have so many clothes you haven’t actually worn (okay, maybe once). Instead of letting them sit in your closet, why not reconsider their existence in your life? Does it fit you? Are you still going to wear it? Can you alter it? If your answer is “no” to most of these questions, then it’s about time you get rid of it. When you do, you’ll be able to make room for a new set of cute rompers, like this pink bohemian printed romper, for spring and summer.

Pink Bohemian Printed Romper | Lookbook Store
Pink Bohemian Printed Romper

  • Clones

A lot of women, myself included, have this tendency to collect as many pieces as possible of a style or design that works great for us. Lay out all of the clones on top of your bed and think about which ones you really hold dear to your heart. If you favor one or two more than the rest, then you should dispose of the others. By doing so, your closet will have more space for new garbs, like this black ribbed low-back bodysuit, which is perfect for a hot summer day.

Black Ribbed Low-Back Bodysuit | Lookbook Store

Black Ribbed Low-Back Bodysuit

  • Blast from the past

There are old school styles that are making a huge comeback in the fashion world. But then, there are clothes that never should have been made in the first place because they are, well, just bad. Most of the garments you used to love and wear all the time are now just lying somewhere in your closet and taking up precious space. If you have more than three of these clothes, you have to give them up now. Who knows when you’ll need to make room for a new LBD, like this black off-shoulder lace mini dress, right?

Black Off-Shoulder Lace Mini Dress

Black Off-Shoulder Lace Mini Dress

  • Junk

Basically, these are the clothes that are damaged beyond repair or would never fit you but you just don’t have the heart to let go of. There’s no point keeping them if you can never wear them again. Right? Right.

purple Dress | Lookbook Store

Image Source

Once you’re done re-assessing your closet, you’ll be amazed at how many clothing options you have for your daily outfits. What’s more, you’ll be happy to know you can go shopping again for cute and summery clothes since you have all that space in your wardrobe now.

4 Clothes to Get Rid of This Spring to Make Way for New Outfits | Lookbook Store WordPress

4 Clothes to Get Rid of This Spring to Make Way for New Outfits


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