Finding the Right Dress Perfect for Your Body Shape

As we all know, every one of us possesses a different kind of body shape.  And since there are no one-size-fits-all frocks, it’s important to choose the right one for your body shape.

Once you know which kind of dress suits you, looking great would no longer break a sweat. So want to find out which kind is great for a body with an hourglass or pear shape? Read on and find out:

Hourglass shape = Wrap Style Dress

Highlighting your curves should be the primary goal for women with this shape. So if you’re blessed with it, don’t hide your curves. Instead, emphasize them especially your waist. Additionally, the V neckline in a wrap-style dress can flatter your bust in classy.

To keep your style subtle yet sexy, wearing a wrap-style dress is the way to go.

Coffee Wrap Bodycon Dress from Lookbook StoreCoffee Wrap Bodycon Dress

Rectangle shape = Cutout Dress

A dress with cutouts in the waistline can highlight the thinnest part of your mid-section, making your hips and bust appear larger and more proportional. A small side cutout can also create an illusion of a curvy silhouette.

Apricot Cutout Sweater Dress from Lookbook StoreApricot Cutout Sweater Dress

Apple shape = Shift Dress

If your upper body tends to be heavier than your lower half, highlighting your shoulders and legs is best because doing so can draw away attention from areas in your body that you’re feeling conscious of. With that in mind,  a shift dress can highlight your legs and shoulders, making your body look shapely and proportional.

White Lace Shift Dress from Lookbook StoreWhite Lace Shift Dress (sold-out)
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Pear shape = Off-Shoulder Dress

Heavy in your lower half? Accentuate your top half with an off shoulder dress to elongate and balance your figure. Showing your bare shoulder would attract more attention to it than to your lower body, making you look extra flattering.

Beaded Off-Shoulder Dress from Lookbook StoreBeaded Off-Shoulder Dress

And there you have them, ladies.  With the right dress type for your body shape, I’m pretty sure finding something to wear to a party will be pretty easy. If you need more style tips for your body shape, check out this blog from Lookbook Store.

Got more tips to share? Please share them below.


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