3 Fashion Pieces That Look Good On Everyone

3 Fashion Pieces That Look Good On Everyone | Lookbook Store

We girls can’t deny that sometimes, it feels like every piece of clothing is designed or made for a specific body type. Some might only look good on tall gals, some on short, some on curvy, and some for slender. While this is true most of the time, you shouldn’t let the fashion business fool you. There are certainly some fashion pieces that can look flattering on any body type, and that include yours. So read on, and learn about the three of them.

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3 Chic Outfits With the 2018 Pantone Color of the Year

3 Chic Outfits With the 2018 Pantone Color of the Year | Lookbook Store

Last year, Pantone announced “ultra-violet” as the official 2018 Color of the Year. As you trace the history of this color, you will find out that this bright and bold color is used through the years as a symbol of position in either politics or religion. According to Pantone, ultra-violet can be described as complex and contemplative. It suggests the mysteries of the cosmos, the intrigue of what lies ahead, and the discoveries beyond where we are now.

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3 Ideas on How to Get the Most Out of Your Winter Wardrobe

3 Ideas on How to Get the Most Out of Your Winter Wardrobe | Lookbook Store

The freezing winter season will soon come to a conclusion. And we all know what that means. As the temperature heats up, we might need to think of disposing some of those winter layers. But not just yet. Before you think of packing up those warm and cozy winter pieces, read about these easy ideas on how to make the most out of it. And you surely will find ways on how to wear them not only on winter.

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Three Easy NYE Outfit Inspiration

A few days more and we will be saying goodbye to 2017. Sure enough, most of you are already thinking of what to wear on New Year’s Eve. This day is definitely all about glamour, fashion, and most of all, a celebration for making it through another wonderful year.

Sequins, metallic, and glitter are certainly the trend when it comes to NYE fashion. And if you decide to wear one of those glitzy outfits, it’s definitely impossible for you to stand out. So read on, and take a look at these three NYE outfit ideas so you could welcome the New Year in style.

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3 Easy Hacks on How to Stay Stylish During the Cold Season

The change of the temperature as well as the change of our surroundings’ colors call for many changes especially in our outfits.We are again in this time of year when we need to say hello to boots and thick clothing.Of course, the weather should not stop us – women to be fabulous wherever we are, be it indoors or outdoors.

So we’ve come up with three super easy ways on how to keep our style awesome during the cold season.

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Three Awesome Colors For Fall And How to Wear Them

Of course you wear can surely wear any color you want in fall, but you can’t deny the fact that some hues and tones just seem to work really great on certain seasons.  Just like white, bright pinks, and yellows fit for summer, there are some muted, slightly deeper tone that are unarguably the best colors to wear on fall. The fall season is known for its super beautiful foliage, and what’s good news is that we can perfectly match with it because there are so many gorgeous color options and shades to choose from.

Read on, and learn about three of these beautiful fall colors that you could incorporate to your wardrobe.

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Five Party Outfits That Will Keep You Chic and Comfy

Holiday season is fast-approaching. That means that you will partying here and there very soon. While it is essential to look stylish for all those glam events, you need to be mindful of your body as well. So we’ve come with these five party outfits that won’t only leave you looking chic but will also leave you feeling comfy. Keep scrolling, and learn more.

Black Cold-Shoulder Pleated Shift Dress

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5 Most Flattering Beach Cover-Up Ideas

Summer is definitely not yet over. And we are pretty sure that you and your pals are planning to hit the beach very soon. We are also sure that your cute swimsuits are ready for that weekend getaway. However, there’s another thing you shouldn’t forget about. That’s your beach cover-up!

There are surely lots of beach cover-ups you could score out there. But remember that you have to choose one carefully for it could either make or break your beach OOTD. Also, getting a new one isn’t always necessary. You just need to use your imagination, and you’ll probably have one in your closet. Keep reading and take a look at some of the coolest beach cover-up ideas.


Kimono cardigans are so in during summer, but just so you know that they’re not just limited for you street style? They perfectly work as beach cover-ups, too! You just have to choose the ones with breezy material and loose fit. Such as this one below.

White Floral Chiffon Kimono

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Four Summer Wedding Guest Dresses That Are Surely Head-Turning

Got a summer wedding popping on a calendar? Don’t worry. We got you covered.

What to wear to your friends’ summer wedding isn’t always an easy question to answer. It’s because wedding codes come with a lot of stipulations. Dressing for a wedding comes with conditions such as you can’t go too short, don’t wear something too flashy, and never ever wear white, ecru, cream, and so on.

But relax, ‘cause we got the solution! We’ve summed up four of the most popular wedding codes and came up with the prettiest and chicest dresses to wear on the occasion. Solve your wedding guest outfit dilemma by scrolling down.

Beach and other destinations go hand-in-hand with summer weddings. To feel comfortable with the sun, wind, and sun, and still look wedding-appropriate, choose dresses with breathable and longer hemlines. Maxi dresses with pretty floral prints or bright colors are the perfect choice if you friend decides to tie the knot in tropical settings.

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Four Super Charming Crop Tops for Summer

Crop tops are possibly one of the trends you feel like you have to forget when you reach a certain age. But you surely have to think twice! Crop tops are extremely versatile and you definitely can wear a crop top without looking like you’ve just left high school. You just need to learn the tricks!

They also come in a wide variety, from itsy bitsy tanks to long sleeves. This trend lets you choose how much you want to reveal depending on your style and on the occasion. Besides that, crop tops are one of our wardrobe saviors when the weather is just so warm. So scroll down, and find out which crop tops are great for your upcoming summer events!

For your sports day

Casual crop tops are best for days when you want to go out watch a football game whether with your family or friends. You can choose the ones with varsity prints or those cute pieces with hoodies. Aside from the fact that they are extremely cute to wear, they also keep you cool and comfy while watching your favorite sports.

Try wearing a hooded crop top under you denim overalls if you’re a little hesitant and when a little stadium food is involved. But if you’re brave enough, just wear it with your high-waist skinny jeans and rubber shoes. That would just be enough to turn heads at the stadium.

Olive Green Ripped Hoodie Crop Top

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