3 Easy Hacks on How to Stay Stylish During the Cold Season

The change of the temperature as well as the change of our surroundings’ colors call for many changes especially in our outfits.We are again in this time of year when we need to say hello to boots and thick clothing.Of course, the weather should not stop us – women to be fabulous wherever we are, be it indoors or outdoors.

So we’ve come up with three super easy ways on how to keep our style awesome during the cold season.


There are definitely several items in our closet that we can wear from summer to winter. The secret to doing this is to be creative in our layering. Extend the life of your dresses by wearing them under your stylish outerwear. I can’t think of a more feminine and girly look than a pretty floral dress layered with a posh long cardigan. That would be something really refreshing to look at, and at the same time very season appropriate. You can even wear tights underneath if you prefer more warmth and texture.

Black Ribbed Cuff Asymmetrical Hem Cardigan | Lookbook Store

Black Ribbed Cuff Asymmetrical Hem Cardigan


Cold season palette may be known for earthy and neutral shades. But this year, more and more ladies have been becoming braver when it comes to experimenting with colors. Many has dared to be seen in reds and pastels. When playing with colors for the cold season, take note of the following. For evening events, the neutral palette is the best choice. Try wearing sparkly dresses in champagne or grey, and you will surely be a standout. When opting to pastels, remember to incorporate them with darker colors. Think of pinks and peaches teamed with blacks or navy blues.

Champagne Sequined Short Sleeves Skater Dress - Lookbook Store

Champagne Sequined Short Sleeves Skater Dress


We can’t deny that different prints incredibly add flair to our style. If you are seriously into prints, choose the timeless statement animal prints such as snake, leopard, and zebra. If you are the girly type of girl who loves florals, choose the ones that comes in smaller patterns in darker backgrounds. Graphic and abstract prints are also great options if you want to pull off a stunning look without trying too hard.

Navy Floral-Bottom Sweetheart Neckline Skater Dress | Lookbook Store

Navy Floral-Bottom Sweetheart Neckline Skater Dress

There you go, gals. Hope you liked the ideas. How about you, how do stay stylish during the cold season?


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