3 Super Easy Ways on How to Stand Out This Winter


Winter is definitely one of the wonderful seasons. Aside from the fact that this is the holiday season, winter is also a great time to experiment with your look. I love it when the weather is cold enough to combine different layers and make a statement. Winter is also a good excuse to grab all the pairs of boots that you want, from ankle boots to over-the-knee boots.

It’s indeed easy to be gorgeous on winter. However, for some, it is a bit tricky to look fabulous when they are covered from head to toe. So we’ve come up with these three awesome suggestions on how to stand out this season.


Lookbook Store Red High-Low Wrap TopRed High-Low Wrap Top

For some reason, people prefer to wear dark colors like black and brown during cold days. Maybe because dark colors are warmer. But if you want to be noticed, try wearing an unpredictable color. The color of your dress, pants, skirt, or anything you wear has a huge impact when you want to stand out. Putting a pop of color can automatically brighten up a dull cold day.

Red is a good choice because it goes well with all skin tones and people’s attention is easily dragged by it. Pink and blue hues are also in trend this year. So if you want to catch the crowd’s gaze in an instant, clothing in bright oranges, pinks, purples, and blues would be a wonderful choice.


Lookbook Store Aztec Floral LeggingsAztec Floral Leggings

Usually, the cold weather entices women to just stay on their usual outfits and opt to plain looking clothes.  Why not step out of your comfort zone and try something new? Every now and then, try to stray away from plains.

Who says that floral, stripes, or plaid are only for spring or summer? Be brave enough and work them this winter by matching or layering them with heavier fabrics.  You will certainly be surprised by people’s reactions.


Lookbook Store Black Jeweled Quilted DressBlack Jeweled Quilted Dress

Stylish details such as unique sleeves, lace trims, studs, etc. play an important role in your style. Truly, the easiest way to look fabulous is to wear items of clothing that has intricate details. You can effortlessly nail a fashionista look without wearing too much accessories.

Bell sleeves, tops with lace trims, and dresses studded with rhinestones are undeniably in trend this year. Try donning any of those this season, and you will instantly be the crowd’s darling.

There you go, girls! Remember these tips and you will never be winter’s average babe.


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