5 Super Stylish Ways to Wear your Scarf

Everybody surely wants to feel warm in fall. And what is a more stylish way to feel so than by wearing your favorite scarf?

Scarves, also known as mufflers or neck-wraps, are fabrics worn around the neck or head. In the past, they are being used to keep people clean. They were originally worn by men around their necks or tied to their belt and was used to wipe sweat from the neck or face on a hot weather.

People eventually discovered that these pieces of fabric are also great for keeping them warm on a cold weather. It has become an official fashion accessory in the 19th century. And they finally became a mainstream fashion item for both men and women in the 20th!

Scarves never go out of style. They are an excellent way to add color and texture to an otherwise boring outfit. You can add a pashmina to an evening wear, a wool tartan scarf to keep warm, or a lightweight fashion scarf on the warmest of days. They are so versatile that every woman should have few of in their wardrobes!

Most of us only know a few ways to wear a scarf, but there are actually a lot of ways that will give an added spice to your simple outfit. Check out this great list!

  • Braided Scarf

This is when you braid your scarf just like your hair. This is the perfect do for your light flowy ones, and is definitely a wonderful addition to your favorite top.

Braided Scarf

It is the perfect way to put a pop of color to this White Side-Slit-Tunic.

  • Woven Scarf Knot

Who can wait to try this piece? It is just so adorable. They may look complicated but it is just a few simple steps of looping. Here’s the finished look.

Woven Scarf Knot

While it looks great with plain and simple outfits, it is also a great ensemble worn with jackets, sweaters, blazers, cardigans like these Moss Green Draped Cardigan and Black PU Leather-Sleeve Coat.

Moss Green Draped Cardigan and Black PU Leather-Sleeve Coat

  • Blanket Scarf

Though blanket scarves can be intimidating because of their size, they can also be a good way to put a style in your look. Plus the fact that they can keep you cozy on a cold weather. Follow this very easy infographic and you’re good to go!

How To Tie a Square Blanket ScarfSource

Who says you can’t be chic and comfy at the same time? Check out these Red Plaid Blanket Shawl and Tartan Plaid Shawl. They are just so right for this autumn weather.

Red Plaid Blanket Shawl and Tartan Plaid Shawl

  • Chic Bunny

Using square scarves is another way to be fashionable. You can use it to accentuate your plain tees. You can even use it for your hair. Go through the easy steps below.

Chic BunnySource

This chic bunny scarf knot will certainly look adorable in plain dresses like these Army Green Short Sleeves Bodycon Dress and Light Blue Keyhole Racerback Skater Dress.

  • Belted Scarf

This style must be the newest trend. When we say wearing a scarf, it literally means WEARING it. If you have a large blanket scarf (or any large scarf), instead of wrapping it around your neck, wrap it across the shoulders and secure it with a belt. This will keep you warm, fashionable and so unique! Check out this look here!

Belted Scarf

This is surely a new and fab way of wearing the Green Plaid Blanket Scarf and Faux Woolen Tartan Shawl.

Green Plaid Blanket Scarf and Faux Woolen Tartan Shawl

Have you decided which one to try? Well, whatever you opt to try, it’ll surely give your outfit a new twist!

5 Super Stylish Ways to Wear your Scarf


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