3 Outfits to Give Your Office Wardrobe the Summer Treatment

Soon, it’ll be summer.

While you’re dreaming of an exciting day spent in the beach or looking good at the biggest music fest, the fact is you’re stuck behind piles of paperwork in the office. Although that’s no way to get the most of the fleeting summer heat, there’s certainly no reason for you to mope, girl!

Why not give your office wardrobe the summer treatment it deserves so you’ll be a sunny sight in a dreary workplace? And who knows—your cheery outfit might just convince your boss to give you and everyone else a chance to have fun in the sun!

Speaking of which, here are some OOTD ideas you might want to try when it’s blistering hot outside:

OOTD #1: Tank Top Combos

OOTD #1: Tank Top Combos Pink Layered Y-Back Tank TopStriped Midi SkirtCollar Maxi Cardigan – Grey

When it’s too hot, you’ll definitely be tempted to wear nothing. Of course, that’s a no-no when you’re at work.

Instead, go for tank tops paired with mid-length skirts and a pair of chunky-heeled sandals… then top it off with a cardigan.

OOTD #2: Sunny Prints

OOTD #2: Sunny Prints
White “Super!” T-ShirtDaisy Mesh Skirt

On casual days, play around with printed tees-plain skirts or printed skirts-plain tees combo… and you’ll automatically be a walking piece of sunshine in the office, guaranteed.

Don’t forget to wear a piece of statement jewelry for that touch of class!

OOTD #3: Romper Elegance

OOTD #3: Romper Elegance
White Draped Open-Front VestDiamond Print Halter Romper

One thing we love about romper is its unparalleled versatility. Belt it, pair it with flats, wear it with a denim vest, or whatever… they’ll work regardless!

With the summer beckoning most of us to show some skin, though, it can be tricky making a playful romper work in a corporate setting. In that case, pair it with an open vest to give it that business casual vibe without compromising on sexiness.

With these summery looks enlisted in your arsenal of office outfits, you’ll definitely be sizzling like the hot summer sun… even when you’re busy behind your office desk.

3 Outfits to Give Your Office Wardrobe the Summer Treatment

3 Outfits to Give Your Office Wardrobe the Summer Treatment


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