4 Bad Clothing Choices for a Holiday Feast

We are just so psyched about the holidays coming up. And we bet you are, too! With Christmas and New Year just around the block, we also know that there’ll be lots of parties you need and want to attend.

Have you picked out the clothes you’ll be wearing for all the upcoming festivities? If you haven’t, it would help to know that there are clothing choices that should be a no-no. This is especially true if you’re planning to gobble on turkey, gravy and pies this holiday.

Anything Flawlessly White

You may be a regal vision in an immaculate white frock come Christmastime, but wine and gravy stains could be a disaster. You don’t want to be going home looking all flustered from trying to get the stain off your lovely dress, do you?

So, instead of going for an all-white ensemble, say a shift dress perhaps, why not opt for something sweeter, like this hot pink longline tunic with black skinnies.  It’ll make you look eye-catching still while making stains less visible. Plus, the color can get the party in a festive mood in no time.

Hot Pink Longline Tunic from Lookbook StoreHot Pink Longline Tunic (sold-out)
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Luxe Suede Anyone?

Oh don’t you just love the look and feel of a suede piece? A luxurious velvety number may be great for cocktail parties and going clubbing, yes. But if you’ll be going to a feast and planning to enjoy every single dish on the table, and don’t forget be drinking the night away, then it won’t be a fantastic idea. Remember stains? They could induce migraine, you know, especially when you can’t seem to get them off your pretty dress.

So, forget about wearing suede for Christmas dinner. Instead, put on this bright, sunshiny yellow cutout-back shift dress, you know, to brighten up the mood. But if you must insist on that sexy suede dress, this how-to video on removing stains can be a big help.

Yellow Cutout-Back Shift Dress from Lookbook StoreYellow Cutout-Back Shift Dress (sold-out)
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Massive Bell Sleeves

Oh my! Those sleeves are either going to catch fire from the candle centerpiece or dip themselves in a bowl of soup or sauce. You clearly can’t let that happen, can you? Unless, you don’t plan on eating or someone will be spoon-feeding you, you should go for a subtler, safer choice, like this black mesh-sleeve chiffon shift dress.

http://www.lookbookstore.co/products/black-mesh-sleeve-chiffon-shift-dress?utm_source=Web20&utm_medium=Wordpress&utm_campaign=LBSWordpressBlack Mesh-Sleeve Chiffon Shift Dress (sold-old)
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Super Plunging Neckline

Baring your cleavage is uber-sexy. But once morsels of food or worse, sauces start dripping in between your perfectly shaped boobies, you won’t be too happy about it. Go for a safer, yet still seductive style by opting for this black surplice Grecian-style long dress.

Black Surplice Grecian-Style Long DressPlus Size Black Surplice Grecian-Style Long Dress from Lookbook Store

Surely, these tips would help you plan out your wardrobe for the festivities coming our way. We can’t wait to find out how you fair with these suggestions. Share your #Christmasfashion stories with us, yes?

 4 Bad Clothing Choices for a Holiday Feast | Lookbook Store

4 Bad Clothing Choices for a Holiday Feast


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