3 of the Fiercest Plus-Size Fashionistas to Inspire Your #OOTDs

For a lot of women, being plus size is challenging, especially when you’re inside a department store looking for that perfect outfit and end up frustrated because you can’t find one that meets all your needs. Do you share the same sentiment, ladies?

Not all full-figured women feel the same way, though, as is the case of these famous fashion bloggers. These lovely ladies have nailed the plus-size style game and have inspired thousands of women who couldn’t find the inspiration to create brag-worthy OOTDs.

Let these incredibly beautiful and confident fashionistas inspire you today:

Tess Holliday

Ms. Holliday is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to fashion. In fact, she is the name behind the inspiring and uplifting campaign #EffYourBeautyStands, a movement to empower women and change how we see ourselves. Tess has been so successful in encouraging full-figured women into having more confidence in themselves, especially that she was the very first model of her size and height to get signed up to a major modelling agency.

As to why she’s a good role model, well, Tess looks utterly gorgeous no matter what she wears. What’s really amazing is that it’s not only because she dons these fab garbs from famous designers, but also because she carries them with a level of confidence that is beyond me. For more swoon-worthy photos to prove my point, you can check out here blog here.



Nicolette Mason

Why you should be taking inspiration from Ms. Mason? For starters, she writes for no less than Marie Claire, which means that she knows a whole lot about fashion. She also keeps a blog where you can find her outfits of the day, as well as read about her exciting life.

Nicolette Mason | Lookbook Store


Hayley Hasselhoff

Name sound familiar to you? It should be because Hayley is the daughter of former Baywatch actor David Hasselhoff. You must be thinking, “Ah! So that’s where she gets her good looks!” Hayley is another beacon of fashion for plus-size women, especially the younger ones, thanks to her edgy chic style. Her Instagram is just filled with gorgeous fashion pics, I can’t stop looking at them.

Hayley Hasselhoff | Lookbook Store


These curvy women are redefining the fashion world. They are showing everyone that you can look and feel great regardless of your size. If you want to look like these beautiful ladies, you can start by shopping pieces that flatter your figure. Thankfully, Lookbook Store is now catering for plus-size women.

3 of the Fiercest Plus-Size Fashionistas to Inspire Your #OOTDs | Lookbook Store

3 of the Fiercest Plus-Size Fashionistas to Inspire Your #OOTDs


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