Top 4 Secrets to Creating a Minimalist Style of Your Own

When it comes to minimal dressing, the key to pulling off a well-put together look is to follow the “less is more” rule.

However, this doesn’t only apply to the actual number of clothes you put on your body. This also pertains to keeping the pieces minimal when it comes to cuts and colors. In other words, you need to keep things clean and simple.

Although it may be fun to mix and match colors and prints, nothing beats the timelessness and elegance of a simple yet uber-stylish ensemble.

These, right here, are excellent examples of a classic, timeless minimalist get-up:

Top 4 Secrets to Creating a Minimalist Style of Your Own | Lookbook Store

If you are looking to build your wardrobe around the minimalist style, you’ll find these tips really helpful.

  • Fuss-free

Your wardrobe should consist of simple but carefully curated pieces that suit your aesthetic preferences and lifestyle. More importantly, your clothing collection should not include items that deviate from the essence of the minimalist style.

  • Usage

Instead of collecting individual pieces to make up your wardrobe, opt for a set of items that can be adjusted to your needs and lifestyle. To do this successfully, you’ll need to evaluate your daily activities and your practical requirements. What you need to focus on is to choose clothing pieces that suits your exact needs while still allowing you to pull off an outfit for all occasions.

  • Self-expression

A minimalist style is a defined personal style, which means that it should be a means of self-expression. On top of that, this style is about perfecting a look that is entirely your own and about putting together pieces that reflect your style.

However, the minimalist approach does not mean you need to prescribe to a specific set of clothing essentials. You can still go boho chic, eclectic and fun and sophisticated without distracting from the simple and functional styling.


  • Quality over quantity

The cut, color and fabric of every clothing item in your closet should match your preferences and needs. This means that your approach when shopping for clothes should be quality over quantity.

To sum it all up, building a minimalist style means you’ll have to invest in clothes that not only last for years but also suit your needs.

In other words, you’ll need to stretch your budget a little bit to buy pieces that have a great fit and excellent material. You can go for a small collection, as long as each of the items you have can be used optimally. So, take the time to think about what you really need in your everyday attire. I hope that helps.

Top 4 Secrets to Creating a Minimalist Style of Your Own | Lookbook Store

Top 4 Secrets to Creating a Minimalist Style of Your Own


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