7 Types of Girls You Meet in School

In school, you always meet all kinds of people. There are the cheerleaders, athletes, nerds, punks and goths, to name a few. How about you? Which crowd do you hang out with? Find out the different kinds of girls you could meet in school.

  • The Popular Chick

She’s so beautiful every boy in school has a crush on her. She’s the girl whom all the other girls want to be best friends with. But she’s also probably the most hated and envied girl because, well, she’s too popular. Aside from that, she’s that girl who’s always wearing the trendiest clothes like this off-shoulder crop top, which she loves to pair with high heels and skinny jeans or miniskirts.

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  • The Cheerleader

Often times, she’s also the most famous and hated girl in your school. She’s always wearing those skimpy cheerleader uniforms or the latest in fashion like this champagne sequin crop top. She flirts with the hottest guys in school and mostly thinks she’s the most important person in school because, obviously, she’s the leader of the cheer leading squad for the football or basketball team.

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  • The Don’t-Give-A-D**n Girl

She’s not a nerd nor is she a psychopath who probably has schizophrenia. But she’s known to everyone as someone who doesn’t give a damn about anything that’s going on around her. She’s not judgmental – she just doesn’t care about trivial matters that don’t concern her at all. She’s often seen just wearing jeans and a statement tee. But sometimes, when she feels like it, this gal opts for something practical yet sexy like this checkered window pane shirt.

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  • The Gothic Babe

She’s hard to miss. She’s the one who wears all-black ensembles day in and day out. She puts on too much eyeliner and dark lipstick. She also wears laced up boots and lots of silver jewelry with spikes, skulls and crosses. And she’s also usually hanging out with gothic boys like her.

Gothic | Lookbook StoreImage Source

  • The I-Don’t-Have-Many-Friends Gal

She’s a loner who spends most of her time reading books, which, by the way, are probably the only companion she has, except for maybe one or two other girls who are just like her. She’s often seen wearing eyeglasses and clothes that cover all the good parts, like this asymmetrical zip sweatshirt because she doesn’t want to draw any attention to herself.

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  • The Do-I-Look-Like-a-Boy Girl

She’s probably not a lesbian, or she’s trying really hard not to be obvious. But she’s always wearing boyish clothes. She has short hair. She hangs out with a few guys who think she’s one of them. No one can tell whether she ever dated a boy in school or not. Most of all, you’ll never catch her wearing a dress and a pair of heels.

So which crowd do you belong in? Share to us your experience in that certain crowd by commenting below.


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