How to Dress-Up When Seeing Your Ex After a Long Time

Bumping in to exes can be so awkward, especially when they have arm candies with them, that sometimes you just hope that the ground will swallow them up whole (or you) just to avoid that uncomfortable “Hi, Hellos.”

But there are worse cases than that. For instance, being thrown together at situations, such as weddings, parties, company events and many others, where both of you can’t escape if you can help it.

When this happens, what would you do?

Show him what his missing, of course!

So if you’re going to an event and you’ll know he’ll be there, or if you know the chance of bumping in to each other is pretty high, here’s what you could do:

  • Wear Something Sexy and Classy

Dress sexy, of course. But do it with class. Make him see that him letting you go was a BIG mistake. A head-turning look, like wearing this red halter neck dress, can be enough to let him doubt what he did. Plus, it can attract a potential beau who could be 100 times better than your loser ex-boyfriend.

Red Halter Neck Dress from Lookbook StoreRed Halter Neck Dress

  • Give Him the I-Don’t-Care Look

Don’t give him a chance to feel that you’re affected by his presence, not even by one shot. Instead, show him that your life is so much better without him. That you’re freer to choose whatever you want to do with your life, which includes buying something ostentatious for yourself, like this gold layered charm necklace, which can turn heads your way.

Gold Layered Charm NecklaceGold Layered Charm Necklace (sold-out)
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  • Show Him That You’re Happy

The sweetest revenge you can give a guy for breaking your heart is success. Showing that you’re happy and successful in your life sans him in your life can be best explained by wearing something elegant and praise-worthy, like this red side-slit evening dress.

Red Side-Slit Evening Dress from Lookbook Store

Red Side-Slit Evening Dress

Having your heart broken is not easy. It takes weeks, months, and sometimes years to get over a bad breakup. So it’s pretty normal to feel affected when you see each other for their first time. But instead of letting the situation ruin your day, use it to your advantage. Even if you don’t want to get back to him, show the loser what he’s missing out.

And that’s what I call Girl Power.

How to Dress-Up When Seeing Your Ex After a Long Time


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