Make Father’s Day Special with These Simple Tips

Sure, a lot of us have weekend plans planned.  But this Father’s Day, why not make it a bit special by spending time with your family, especially your father.

Here are some great ideas you can try give your dad the royal treatment he deserves.

1.)Breakfast in bed

Breakfast in Bed

(Image by msahbee0 of pixabay)

When I was growing up, my dad never let me leave the house without breakfast. If he’s like yours,  let your dad know what he means to you by starting his day right with a sumptuous breakfast in bed.

Serving French toast that’s fit for a king can never get you wrong.. After frying both sides golden brown, drizzle a little amount of syrup on top to start his morning with a dose of sweetness. Yum!

2.) Family Road Trip

family road trip

Going on a road trip is always a nice treat for dad who enjoys the wind blowing his hair and an unplanned adventure. Hitting the road with your dad is a great idea because there are likely a number of places in your country that you and your dad haven’t explored or haven’t seen up close yetso this weekend is  a great opportunity to do that. To help you finding a location for your road trip, check these 10 most essential American road trips.

3.) Theater/Movie Marathon

Is going to the movies with your ad weird? Not at all! Spoil your dad by treating him to the movies.

4.) Just Bond Together

Family Dinner

For all the times dad answered our calls, it is time to answer his unsung demands for affection. And there is no happier father than to see his whole family having a get together. Eat dinner as a family, with all of the demanding schedules, it’s easy to steam-out and let the craziness take over.

Got more ideas on how to make Father’s Day extra special? You can share them by commenting below.

And to all the pops out there, Happy Father’s Day!

Make Father’s Day Special with These Simple Tips


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