Must Have Summer Trends This 2015

Summer is finally here!

I’m sure a lot of you are thinking of some ways to look stylish  while staying comfortable all season. The good thing is you can have both as this year’s trends are all about fun, flirty and feminine.

Check out the styles that are going to dominate the fashion scene this season.

  • Boho tunics

Nothing is more refreshing than wearing something to cool you off, and this off-shoulder top is the best way to do it. It doesn’t just give off that refreshing look, but also the sense of freedom , which  summer is all about.

Black Off Shoulder Top from Lookbook StoreBlack Off Shoulder Top (sold-out)
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  • Stripe shirts

If your into stripes, then this black and white striped dress is perfect for you.

Black and White Stripe Dress from Lookbook Store

Black and White Stripe Dress

  • Lace dress

Frocks made of lace are the next best thing in today’s summer trend. They’re not only comfy to wear under hot weather but can also give off a  classy and gorgeous look.

Cold Shoulder Lace Dress from Lookbook StoreCold Shoulder Lace Dress (sold-out)
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  • Ruffled top

If you want something more feminine, then ruffles are your best bet. Like this ruffled v-neck sleeveless top, for instance.

Ruffled V-Neck Sleeveless Top from Lookbook Store

Ruffled V-Neck Sleeveless Top

So that’s about it! You can also share your summer must-haves by commenting it below. Enjoy summer and have fun!

Oh, by the way,  June is a special month for Lookbook Store since they’re finally 2 years older. Check out there 2nd Anniversary Sale.


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