3 Ways to Stand Out

This time around is the perfect season to get out of the hustle and bustle of city life with your BFFs and enjoy a weekend or two with mother nature.

And with that, put together exciting outfits with this four hints on how to standout among the other campers:

1. Stay fashionably simple.

By being away from city life, cut yourself some slack  and enjoy the carefree life of being a camper.With nature all around you, it’s wise to be comfy. But that doesn’t mean you could look frumpy without a  care in the world. Because you can still stay stylish with a simple yet fashionable clothing piece. A simple-looking blouse, like this, would surely fit that bill.

Embroidered Peasant Style Blouse from Lookbook StoreEmbroidered Peasant Style Blouse (sold-out)
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2. Pack light with an eye-catching piece.

Party in the woods? Sure thing . Torch bearer of frumpiness? No way. So if camping involves some partying with gang and other campers, look your best with something other than a shirt. A romper can do wonders, if I say so myself.

Blue Striped Magic Romper from Lookbook StoreBlue Striped Magic Romper (sold-out)
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3. Bring something warm.

When you’re out at a campfire telling stories, get warmed up with a fashionable touch. A cozy  sweater can do just the trick so you might want to put that on your to-bring list.

Light Grey Turtleneck Sweater from Lookbook StoreLight Grey Turtleneck Sweater (sold-out)
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Camping is all about having and being yourself. So don’t be afraid to pack with style in mind because when the pictures are taken, there’s no turning back — if you catch my drift.

3 Ways to Stand Out | Lookbook Store

3 Ways to Stand Out


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