5 Wardrobe Must-Haves and How to Style Them

Don’t know what styles that look great on you? Fret not because whether your petite or plus-size, these styles are great for you. Plus, get a load of tips for a fashionable you

1. Crop Top

Double Layers Crop Top - White from Lookbook Store

Double Layers Crop Top – White (sold-out)
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Crop tops have been a fashion must have since 2014. And it’s going to be a huge thing this coming spring. I’ve included in this blog the best clothes to pair your chic crop top.

A pleated skirt

Chiffon Short Skirt - Ivory from Lookbook StoreChiffon Short Skirt – Ivory (sold-out)
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A loose fit shorts

A maxi skirt

Layered Mesh Skirt - Nude from Lookbook StoreLayered Mesh Skirt – Nude (sold-out)
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A cardigan

Hooded Dolman Sleeve Cardigan from Lookbook StoreHooded Dolman Sleeve Cardigan (sold-out)
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A kimono

Summer Vibe

Summer Vibe by lookbookstore featuring a floral kimono

2. Cut-out Boyfriend Jeans

Cutout Boyfriend Jeans from Lookbook StoreCutout Boyfriend Jeans (sold-out)
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Jeans have been around since the 16th century and is a go-to for everyone who wants to nail the casual style since it can be paired with everything.

Boyfriend jeans are supposed to look and feel like jeans a woman might borrow or steal from her boyfriend, which means that they should look a bit big on the wearer. This type of jeans is more flattering than skinny jeans and jeggings as they  outline the general shape of your legs.

You can definitely pair your boyfriend jeans with a…


Sequins Perfume Sweater - White from Lookbook StoreSequins Perfume Sweater – White (sold-out)
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Dressy top

Black Crisscross Back Top from Lookbook StoreBlack Crisscross Back Top (sold-out)
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Statement shirt

Leopard Cross Tee - White from Lookbook StoreLeopard Cross Tee – White (sold-out)
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3. Collarless Blazer

Khaki Collarless Blazer from Lookbook StoreKhaki Collarless Blazer (sold-out)
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Collarless blazers elongate the neck, which gives the chance to wear statement necklaces. But some ladies are having difficulty styling the collarless blazer mainly because of, well,  the collarless style. Here are few tips on what to pair it with.

Pair it with a sheath dress

V-Neck Sheath Dress from Lookbook StoreV-Neck Sheath Dress (sold-out)
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Pair it with jeans

Frayed Skinny Pants from Lookbook StoreFrayed Skinny Jeans (sold-out)
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Pair it with a round neck shirt

Modal Round Neck Shirt from Lookbook StoreModal Round Neck Shirt (sold-out)
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4. Pencil Skirt

Lace Hem Pencil Skirt from Lookbook StoreLace Hem Pencil Skirt (sold-out)
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Pencil skirts are no longer for office work since they already made its debut in the fashion industry. The pencil skirt makes you look slimmer since it has more room for you to hide your muffin top.

Pencil skirts can also enhance your best features. If you have  trouble spots on your bottom half, then sticking to a patterned sweater with your pencil skirt works best.

Geo-Patterned Sweater from Lookbook StoreGeo-Patterned Sweater (sold-out)
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The best thing about the pencil skirt is that it can be worn with a variety of blazers, blouses and accessories.

Highland White Blouse from Lookbook StoreHighland White Blouse (sold-out)
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5. Bodycon Dress

Ruched Bodycon Slip Dress from Lookbook StoreRuched Bodycon Slip Dress (sold-out)
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A body conscious dress or popularly known as the bodycon dress is a show stopper since it’s designed to hug your body and emphasize your curves.

You can add other piece of clothing when wearing this sexy dress.


Zip Leather Moto Jacket from Lookbook StoreZip Leather Moto Jacket (sold-out)
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Some of us might not be comfortable enough to wear this seductive dress but you can tone it down with a little help of a jacket


Sweet Braided Necklaces from Lookbook StoreSweet Braided Necklaces (sold-out)
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Living the rule of less is more is the first step in rocking a bodycon dress. You can accessorize your dress but keep it minimum. Remember, the body con dress is a show stopper and adding a lot of bling bling might blind onlookers. A necklace or bracelet will do when wearing the body con dress.

See? Regardless of your size, you can look stunning in these type of clothes.


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