Don’t Hold Back Black Friday: Holiday Style Tips

Hellooooo Holidays!

We’ll be waiting another year for Thanksgiving but the much awaited, anticipated and the BIGGEST shopping spree is TODAY! All of the shops are having their sale and it’s our opportunity to buy as many stuff as possible. While doing the gadget hunting, clothes shopping, or Christmas tree haggling,  a true fashion enthusiast will never forget to dress up and see shopping sprees as a perfect way to doll up and let the world see her eclectic taste in fashion.

If you’re going out to buy gadgets and other stuff for the coming Christmas on Black Friday, you’ll want to stay comfortable but still fashionable for that once in a year mega sale. So here are some tips on dressing up for your Black Friday shopping spree.

1. Dress It Up!

The good thing about dresses is it’s very easy to remove, and is my number one favorite when it comes to owning that chic look.

Denim andChiffon Dress from Lookbook StoreDenim chiffon dress (sold-out)
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Mesh Heart Lace Dress - Apricot from Lookbook StoreApricot mesh hear lace dress  (sold-out)
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Floral Maxi Lace Dress from Lookbook StoreFloral maxi lace dress

2. Tops, Tops and more Tops

In checking out shoes, decorations or whatever,  wear a simple yet a modern chic top that can give you more body movement.

Butterfly Kiss Top from Lookbook StoreButterfly kiss top  (sold-out)
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3. Ripped Denim

What I love about denims is it can be paired with almost anything. Plus, you’ll have a place to put your receipts and money with those extra pockets.

Cutout Boyfriend Jeans from Lookbook StoreCutout boyfriend jeans (sold-out)
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Destroyed Skinny Pants from Lookbook StoreDestroyed skinny pants (sold-out)
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4. Intimates

We should also pay attention to our intimate garments, ladies. Remember, a woman’s confidence increases with the clothes she wears.

Metal V Bralette - Black from Lookbook StoreBlack metal V bralette (sold-out)
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And that’s it for Black Friday. Don’t forget to stay dehydrated and to plan your shopping attack. And in case you don’t know, Lookbook Store is throwing Black Friday sale, so see you there!


12 thoughts on “Don’t Hold Back Black Friday: Holiday Style Tips

  1. Anna Perry says:

    I absolutely agree on the line where you said, “woman’s confidence increases with the clothes she wears”. This is absolutely a nice piece of fashion tips! I wish I have seen it sooner.


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