Must-Have Knits This Season

Did you know that knitted fabrics have been extremely popular since the 1960s and 1970s? Well girls, this news may come as a shock to you, but knitted fabrics has been rocking the cold season ever since. The good thing is it’s been regaining its popularity and reign this season.

Let me share to you my personal list of must-have knits this fall and winter.

1. Knit Sweater

During cold seasons we really want to go out and have some fun but the chill is holding us back. No worries my friend. By wearing knit sweaters, you’ll be comfortable and fashionable at the same time. Plus, knit sweaters have a variety of colors than your regular sweater.

Striped Cutout Knitwear - Creamy Shoulder from Lookbook StoreStriped knitwear sweater(sold-out)
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2. Knit Cardigan

What I like about cardigans are their signature seam pockets, and you can wear them with almost anything.

Red Oversized Cardigan from Lookbook StoreRed oversized cardigan (sold-out)
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3. Beanie

This season is the perfect excuse to wear a beanie! Make sure it’s fashionable just like you!

Fancy Mesh Striped Beanie from Lookbook StoreFancy mesh striped beanie (sold-out)
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4. Knit Dress

We’ve already established that a sweater dress is one of the pretty knits worth wearing this season. If your dilemma is to stay chic during this season then,  a knit dress is the perfect match for you.

Long Sleeves Knit Dress - White from Lookbook StoreWhite long sleeves knit dress

5. Knit Shawls

When I hear the word ‘shawl’ the first thing that comes to mind are gowns and elite people. So, be classy even if you’re trying to ward off the cold.

Shawl Knit Wear from Lookbook StoreShawl knit wear

And that’s it.

Oh before I forget, I have good news for  girls and gals out there who are dying to wear knits this season for we are giving this fringe hem knit cape! For more details on how to get this lovely knitted cape on your hands, please head over to Feline Creatures. Who knows, you’ll be the lucky gal to win this cape. Good luck!

14 thoughts on “Must-Have Knits This Season

  1. Patrice says:

    I have been eyeing those Fringe Knit Cape from lookbook store for quite a while already and I was really thrilled to know that you have a giveaway for it! Damn, its almost the end date for the giveaway. Well, better late than never. Who knows, I might win eh? Hehehe


    • Karen @ Lookbook Store says:

      Hello there Patrice,
      Its nice to hear such a positive spirit from you. No worries girl, if you don’t get the giveaway, there’s a lot of giveaways coming 🙂 Subscribed to us now so you’ll be first one to know when there’s a giveaway coming.


  2. Javamay Scappatella says:

    I honestly don’t like wearing knit apparels before because I find it boring and too old-fashioned. It seems like I am seeing my grandmother in myself when wearing it, but I guess it all changed now. These knit designs are pretty awesome and I love it.


  3. Christy Peeples DuBois says:

    I love that sweater and I love knits. I have broad shoulders yet wear a size 2/4 in bottoms. To get a top to fit my shoulders comfortably I would need a size 10/12 but then it is huge in the waiste area. If it fits in the waist area I can not move because the shoulders are too tight. So I have to get all fitted tops altered or made and I love knits because they have stretch !!!


    • Karen @ Lookbook Store says:

      aw…that’s really an aweful dilemma Christy. But yeah, you we’re right about knits, they aren’t just comfy and cozy but they are also made of stretch fabric that makes it so easy to move without feeling like a shrimp wrap in a tight wrapper lol.

      Thanks for dropping by Christy!


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