3 Pretty Knits Worth Wearing This Season

Since the glam department is not leaving knitwear anytime this season,  I’m going to share to you three pretty knits which are practically indispensable. I’m  also going to include some styling tips along with them just in case you’re still in the lookout for more ideas on how to style them.

A Sweater Dress

Black Cutout Sweater Dress from Lookbook StoreBlack cutout sweater dress

Sweater dresses are the chicest to wear among other knits. They look sophisticated as a day wear or as an evening wear.  In my case, I love wearing them with opaque tights and knee-high booties.  Sweater dresses can also be layered  with other piece,  like cardigans. For a curvy look,  a belt can be useful.

A Pullover Sweater

Geo-Patterned Sweater from Lookbook StoreGeo patterned sweater sweater (sold-out)
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A knit pullover’s goal is not only to outsmart the chilly weather but also to keep you look stylish. In fact, lots of celebs have managed to look preppy chic in them. Some of them wear a pullover as a layering piece over their button-down shirts while others throw on a pair of casual denim cutoffs and ankle boots. If you’re still building a close-knit relationship with sweaters, especially the oversized ones, then maybe this article could help you.

Oversized Cardigan

Pink Cable Knit Cardigan from Lookbook StorePink cable knit cardigan (sold-out)
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I can always say that cardigans are indispensable during the cold season. For some reasons, they can always make me chic effortlessly. And I’m sure you would agree, too. Cardigans can  create different looks for you, such as  dressy, grungy or preppy.

There’s really something special about wearing knitted clothing every time the temperature gets chilly. Maybe it’s because of their coziness or style. What do you think girls?


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